Today, the's and's Policy Meeting connects communities with EU policy makers. Exciting discussions about how we can strengthen software freedom, digital sovereignty, and a better collaboration in Europe together

@fsfe Good initiative, although I'm confused. How come You use the term FOSS and open source? This makes FSFE seem to be disconnected from FSF and its core philosophy. Since it's a project possibly facing newcomers, I think You have responsibility to use coherent terms.

@matam @fsfe The FSF also uses FOSS/FLOSS from time to time, especially in joint activities with various groups of our community. Regarding the different terms used in our community I recommend this article:

@bjoern @fsfe Thank You for the link. Although it just reinforces the contradiction for me. You wrote:
"If all these terms describe the same set of programs, why do we at FSFE insist on using the term Free Software?"

It seems that FSFE doesn't insist on using that term at all. While FSF declares "open source" a misleading concept, FSFE seems to use it interchangeably. OSI makes it clear that they value business over freedom, and it helps to decide if I support them. It's confusing with FSFE.

@matam @bjoern @fsfe You will have a hard time finding the word "open source" on our website as a description of Free Software. In probably 98% of our publications and talks we use Free Software only. But we still collaborate with organisations and participate in events where "open source" is the leading term.

Also, sometimes FOSS is the middle ground where organisations preferring either "Free Software" or "open source" meet. This is the case with the event this toot covered for instance.

@mxmehl @bjoern @fsfe Well, thanks for your reply. It was the open letter's wording that got my attention.

I guess it's not exclusively written by FSFE, but it's still a trade-off. I'm not here to tell that it isn't worth the benefit of joining forces. I just can't imagine FSF making the same compromise.

Maybe they did in the past. Maybe they didn't, but don't have a problem with FSFE doing it. Anyway, I don't mean to pick on You for a single act and hold You back.

@matam @bjoern @fsfe Thanks for your well-balanced reply. I cannot compare the tolerance towards activities that do not strictly use the preferred term, but such a comparison probably would not bring us further anyway :)

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