The FSFE's October is out in 4 languages (EN/DE/ES/NL):

Main stories of this month are our first "Software Freedom " with Cory Doctorow and our yearly report "Software Freedom in Europe 2019"

Also read about the Swiss campaign and all the other things our has done in the last month.

@fsfe I can't believe you still have the landing-page-headline of Francesca Bria as Barcelona's city Council's Free software advocate. 1. She no longer holds the position and 2. Free software activists are glad she doesn't. Get with it #fsfe ! Accelerating the exploitation of a city under the guise of 'Smart', is not cool.

@fsfe Beside adding the URL as 'feed://', please also add the http equivalent '' as this works with Plex. Same suggestion stands for the MP3 feed

@returntrip Thanks for the feedback. So we would need to have 4 buttons, or is there a better way which suits all podcast clients?

@fsfe I would not know. Perhaps you can use the only the http link and see what feedback you get?

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