At its 32nd party conference this weekend, the German conservative party CDU resolved to join @fsfe in demanding that software developed with public money should be publicly available as :

"This is why the following will apply to all (public) digitisation projects in Germany in the future: the awarding of contracts and funding will be subject to compliance with the principles of open source and open standards."


Oh, very nice! (didn't hear that in the news-coverage.... )

@fsfe oh wow! Big bad CDU does something good for once (the only things I ever hear about them is #niewiederCDU or whatever the tag is)

@fsfe oh, either your translation is very bad or there is a huge gap between your campaigns demand to have all software paid for by public money released under a free license and the statement of the CDU: as far as I can see it does only (not even directly) encompaas Freedom 0.

@nilsreichert @fsfe How would one be "[compliant]‌ with the principles of open source" without providing the four freedoms?

Das wurde auch höchste Zeit!
Jetzt sind wir gespannt auf die Umsetzung.


I can't open the (I presume) original at the moment ( but if this is as described in the secondary source above, this is very promising.

Also glad to see a conservative party move towards more socially liberal positions. After all, it was under their government that homosexual marriage was legalised in Germany almost overnight in an impressive handbrake u-turn.

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