Our daily work at relies on countless projects, ranging from to and to services like , , , @letsencrypt, , , , , + many more.
Thank you! ❤

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PS: the daily work at relies also on non-free software and services which the FSFE voted not to list on a public inventory:

See section 24 of the 2017 general assembly minutes:


@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe I am happy they did not. I want them to focus on the support of free software rather than vasting hundreds of hours on collecting things they can hardly change (door lock system, their contractors' systems, software of their banks...).

I don't see any proprietary software they use (instead, a lot of FOSS), and that's great. Look at Linux Foundation if you want to see the opposite.

@xdm @fsfe

Would you find it OK if they used regularly Skype, Google Drive or Windows?

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @fsfe No, but do they? From what I could see in their wiki and git, they all seem to use Linux, all their services are free software (nextcloud, gitea), no google JS included in their websites etc. It's much more obvious that other orgs and communities use a lot more nonfree software.

The question is: would I as a fsfe volunteer, donor or what ever be forced to use nonfree software to participate? Does not seem so, I don't need to know if their landline phones are nonfree

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