Torsten Grote explored Free Software alternatives for smartphones as early as 2012. ⭐

In our interview we look back at the start of Free Your Android campaign.

Of course, we asked which options are available for liberating our phones today.

The interview was conducted in the context of celebrating 20 Years of the FSFE 🙂

@fsfe On the topic of Free Software alternatives for smartphones, note also the #librem5 by @purism and the #pinephone with operating systems like #pureos, #postmarketos, #mobian and others that take a more radical approach. Instead of just "freeing your android", they choose skip android alltogether and instead build something that is built to be free from the ground up. Does the #FSFE support such efforts as well?

@eliasr @purism Yes, we do support these and other Free Software initiatives. "Free Your Android" is a campaign targeted at Android users to get in touch with Free Software and has had its peak activities some years ago. Other operating systems however will be covered in parts of an upcoming campaign.


Thanks for answering!

That sounds great, I look forward to that upcoming campaign. The choice of operating system is a very important software freedom issue.


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