Luca Bonissi bought a Lenovo laptop which came with a pre-installed Windows license he didn't need. He asked for refund, Lenovo refused.

After a 2-year court case, Lenovo had to pay 20,000 euros in damages for abusive behavior.

⭐ One of 2021 highlights

It always amazes me that a corporation can look at someone who compiles their own operating system for political reasons, and say "nah, not that stubborn, they'll give up quickly"

@cjd @fsfe My Moto G7 — manufactured by Lenovo *after* the settlement for the Superfish malware they'd installed on laptops — came with preinstalled spyware from Facebook and Verizon Wireless, neither of which the user can remove.

They never learn.

@Hyolobrika @anonymoose Even though it's the same picture, it's starting to look more condescending with every repost.
@mar77i @anonymoose I'm not sure how that ties in to what you said earlier. could you please stop being so obtuse/cryptic?

@fsfe wait, he bought a product which was advertised(?) including Windows, demanded a refund for a part of the package he bought, didn't get it, took it to the court and won?

@fsfe @meldrian Yes, because the licence is binding on the retailer to do that if you disagree with the terms.

Indeed. Legally a hardware shall be available without any software.

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