Tired of replacing your phone every other year? Are you aware of the impact that growing phone production has on our climate? Save your droid and join us in :

A few years ago, the #HUAWEI #P20pro was very well received in the Custom ROM dev community and even recommended as the phone to buy, as it offered very good hardware for a considerably lower price than the big competitors.
A few months later, HUAWEI stopped giving out codes for unlocking the boot loader. This basically ended all further development of Custom ROMs for this device.
This hurts especially since Huawei only provides updates for a very short time 😢

I also have a Samsung #GalaxyTabS10.5 LTE. Same story: great device that's still powerful enough today to handle everything I need.
But I cant find a current CustomROM for it. So it's still running #LOS14.1 that wasn't maintained beyond 2017.

From my point of view, the #sustainable use of upcycled device is only possible as long as the #CustomROMs are maintained.
Most old devices would still suffice for their users. So making CRs for them would have a huge impact on reducing the resources and energy footprint involved :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:

to end such a practice, this is one of the things we like to change in the upcoming months in the discussions around ecodesign of products.

For more sustainable poducts we ask for the Right to use alternative operating systems and software:

@fsfe Für das Fairphone 2 ist gerade ein Update auf eine höhere Android Version angekündig worden, mein Fairphone 3 läuft mit /e/, das ohne Probleme mit dem easy-Installer eingerichtet werden konnte.

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