in keeps us busy! The recent EU guidelines are differently interpreted in national states. is a positive example while effectively endangers the freedom users had since 2016. And in , the government has the historic chance to safeguard these essential user rights now!

👇 A thread with the most recent and important events 👇


Nella di aprile, leggi del pacchetto di attività per la Libertà del Router, dell'intervista con l'ex vice presidente Fernanda Widen, del Software Freedom con Elisa Lindinger, dei saldi di primavera e delle varie attività della comunità:

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En el de abril lee sobre nuestro Paquete de Actividad de la Libertad del Enrutador, la entrevista con la antigua vicepresidenta Fernanda Weiden, un nuevo Software Freedom con Elisa Lindinger, nuestras ventas de primavera y varias actividades comunitarias:

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In our April read about our Activity Package, our interview with former Vice President Fernanda Weiden, a new Software Freedom with Elisa Lindinger, the FSFE's Spring Sales and other diverse community activities:

We interviewed Fernanda Weiden - co-founder of the FSF Latin America and former Vice President of the FSFE - about the early starts of Free Software in Latin America, its nowadays use in Big Tech and about diversity in different communities:

SFP#10: For our latest episode Bonnie Mehring @kirschner talked with @elizab0t about how to support and create a sustainable digital civil-society.


Spring is here! Do you want to lay on the grass and look as lovely as a flower, while showing your love for ? This is your chance to grab one of our coloured T-shirts – they are on sale 🎉

Mit einem wegweisenden Beschluss hat sich dem Einsatz von verschrieben. Der Rat der Stadt hat mit einer überwältigenden, fraktionsübergreifenden Mehrheit den Weg für „Public Money? !“ freigemacht.


With a groundbreaking resolution, has committed itself to the use of . An overwhelming, cross-faction majority of the city council has paved the way for "Public Money? !”


Activity Package: The has launched an activity package for organisations and individuals to raise awareness and empower them to advocate for users' device sovereignty in their countries.

Because it is the time to establish this right in all 27 EU member states, we need the help of organisations and individuals!

Lees in onze maart-nieuwsbrief over onze supporter Luca Bonissi die Lenovo dwong tot een herstelbetaling van 20.000 euro voor een voorgeïnstalleerde Windows, ons interview met supporter Reinhard Müller, ons IloveFS-verslag en gemeenschapsactiviteiten:

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En nuestro Boletín de marzo lee sobre nuestro promotor Luca Bonissi quien forzó a Lenovo a pagar 20.000 euros por un Windows preinstalado, la entrevista con el veterano promotor Reinhard Müller, el informe de IloveFS y varias actividades comunitarias:

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Nella newsletter di marzo, leggi di come Luca Bonissi ha ottenuto 20000 € per il rimborso di Windows, dell'intervita allo storico sostenitore Reinhard Müller, del resoconto di IloveFS e delle varie attività della comunità.

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In our March Newsletter read about our supporter Luca Bonissi who forced
Lenovo to pay a 20.000 Euros refund for a pre-installed Windows, our interview
with long-term supporter Reinhard Müller, our IloveFS report and other diverse
community activities:

In our second publication we interview Reinhard Müller - who has contributed as a volunteer since 2002 in various roles from local activities to the European core team - about what motivates him to participate in the @fsfe since two decades and ongoing:

What was taken from has been returned to it: after denying a refund for a pre-installed Windows, Lenovo had to pay 20.000 Euros to our volunteer and supporter Luca Bonissi.

Dans notre lettre d'info de février, un entretien avec notre président fondateur Georg Greve, la journée et notre participation au , une annonce de poste vacant et comme d'habitude un compte-rendu de nos diverses activités communautaires:

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In onze februari-nieuwsbrief interviewen we onze oprichter en oud-voorzitter Georg Greve, reflecteren we op de -dag en onze -participatie, plaatsen we onze nieuwe vacature en brengen we verslag uit van onze gemeenschapsactiviteiten:

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En nuestro de febrero entrevistamos a nuestro presidente fundador Georg Greve, nos proyectamos en el día y en la participación en , anunciamos una oferta de empleo e informamos sobre nuestras diversas actividades comunitarias:

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Nella nostra di febbraio, intervistiamo il nostro presidente fondatore Georg Greve, riflettiamo sulla giornata e la nostra partecipazione al , riportiamo un'offerta di lavoro e parliamo delle varie attività della comunità:

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