We are set up at ! Come by, get the latest swag, and let's talk about . Looking forward to the upcoming 3 days of 🚀

.eu jest już dostępny również w języku polskim. Podziękowania dla tłumaczy wolontariuszy! / .eu is also available in now. Thanks to the volunteer translators!


Today, we released a new version of which helps developers to declare and of their projects. Check out the new tutorial, tool and FAQ to make your software licensing clear and easy!


Die Hamburger @fsfe@twitter.com Supporter und allgemein Interessierte treffen sich am Donnerstag 8.8. ab 19:00 zum monatlichen Stammtisch im Café SternChance.


"The Impact of Free Software on competition" - An article by Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri about the and arguments resulting from releasing : fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201908

Nuestro boletín de julio también está disponible en español, y si no lo has recibido por correo electrónico, puedes ver, en nuestra web, lo que hemos estado haciendo: fsfe.org/news/nl/nl-201907.es.

We are a diverse community of people from all over Europe and beyond, who are committed to Free Software.

If you feel likewise, join us in our work for freedom.


Nuestro boletín de noticias Mayo 2019 incluyendo la historia de que convencieron a su de firmar la de , tipos que se puede hacer para promocionar , nuestros próximos eventos y mucho más:

The Newsletter May is out incl. the story of Spanish who convinced their to sign our about , tips to get active in promoting for the , our upcoming events and much more:

Gestern wurde Christine Prayon mit dem Dieter-Hildebrandt-Preis der Stadt München ausgezeichnet und sie nutzte diesen Moment für Kritik am Umstieg zurück auf proprietäre Systeme. Das Preisgeld spendet sie der für und <3


Yesterday Christine Prayon was awarded the Dieter-Hildebrandt-Prize of the City of and used the moment to criticise their switch back to proprietary systems.
She donated the prize money to the to support and "our future" <3


How the local in convinced the of to be the first Parliament to sign our demanding "Public Money? !": fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201905

An interview with Iyán Méndez Veiga

Wir sind bei den @linuxwochen@twitter.com Wien mit einem Stand vertreten und morgen gibt es auch einen Vortrag von @lexelas@twitter.com über unsere Public Money, Public Code! Kampagne: cfp.linuxwochen.at/de/LWW19/pu

Kommt vorbei, der Eintritt ist frei!

"Our global movement for digital rights and privacy relies heavily on tools."

So proud that @SibylleBerg@twitter.com supports the ! Do likewise, join us now and help us to fight for technology that empowers us rather than restricting our freedom: my.fsfe.org/support

The April 2019 is out! Among other news, it covers the growing presence of our"Public Money? Public Code!" campaign, the new open call the Next Generation Internet project and our community activities:

Staatliche Behörden lassen täglich Software aus Steuermitteln erstellen. Und was die Allgemeinheit finanziert, sollte ihr auch gehören!
Nach der FSFE fordert dies nun auch ein breites Bündnisvon Experten: t3n.de/news/sascha-lobo-breite


"The community at its best" – day 2019 has been a wonderful happening! In our report we present a few of the many highlights. A big thanks to all Free Software contributors and everyone who participated ❤

adopted - The exclusion of code hosting and sharing providers from this directive is crucial to keep Free Software development in Europe healthy, solid and alive.


Today is the last chance to raise your voice against ! Please help to convince the that citizens care about and a free society.

Our @mxmehl summarised the topic and basic arguments you can reuse for your feedback: blog.mehl.mx/2019/protect-free

Thank you for being part of our movement!

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