Early this year the European Commission presented its proposal for the EU Declaration on Digital Rights & Principles. The European Parliament has agreed on a common text. We welcome that is included. We keep monitoring the ongoing process to make sure this remains.


Today the European Parliament passed a resolution on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a huge majority of 495 votes in favor, 34 against, and 102 abstentions. We welcome that the text includes some references to the advantages of .


I nostri telefoni e altri dispositivi digitali sono computer di uso generico. Sostituire il software e i sistemi operativi di questi dispositivi con Software Libero permette di estendere la loro durata iniziale e di fare pieno uso del nostro hardware. In una lettera aperta, cofirmata da 38 organizzazioni e aziende, la FSFE chiede Il diritto universale di installare qualsiasi software su qualsiasi dispositivo": fsfe.org/news/2022/news-202204

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Our tablets, phones and other connected devices are general purpose computers. Replacing software and operating systems on these devices with enables us to extend the initial lifespan of a device and to make full use of our hardware. In an , co-signed by 38 organisations and companies, the FSFE asks EU-Legislators for "The universal right to install any software on any device": fsfe.org/news/2022/news-202204

is crucial for the ecodesign and sustainability of products and hardware. 38 European organisations signed the FSFE's today to ask for the universal right to install any software on any device: fsfe.org/activities/upcyclinga

Today the FSFE publishes an , co-signed by 38 European organisations and companies to ask legislators for the universal right to install any software on any device, including full access to hardware: fsfe.org/news/2022/news-202204

The Declaration of Digital Rights & Principles is discussed now by the European Parliament and Council.

We have shared our input so that the final text is aligned with existing frameworks regarding the use and promotion of .

Some good news here 👇

We ask legislators to put the obligation of accessing software necessary to run the device through its publication as also in the list of"requirements for manufacturers to design their products in such a manner that they last longer" [4/4]

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We welcome that the European Parliament demands the access to software and diagnostic tools to third-parties and consumers as a condition to perform repairs. Ultimately such an access calls for a publication of source code of drivers and tools under a license.

In our feedback for the "Sustainable consumption of good" consultation, we outline the relationship between licensing of drivers, tools and interfaces and the : ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-r

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Congratulations to the for having passed the motion for a resolution on the with a vast majority: 509 in favor, 3 against, 13 abstain. In it is written that: [1/4]

No boletim de Abril celebrámos avanços da IA na UE. Pedimos orçamento Alemão dedicado ao .

Conversámos com @bshah sobre Plasma Mobile e Redes mesh com Elektra Wagenrad. Okular é o primeiro software a receber um certificado ecológico ⭐


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Im April-Newsletter begrüßen wir vielversprechende Entwicklungen im Bereich KI in der EU. Wir fordern Budget für in Deutschland.

Wir diskutieren Plasma Mobile mit
@bshah und Mesh-Netze mit Elektra Wagenrad.


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Nella nostra newsletter di aprile, abbiamo incoraggianti sviluppi sull'IA in UE. Richiediamo un budget per in Germania.

Discutiamo di Plasma Mobile con @bshah & reti mesh con Elektra Wagenrad. Okular è il primo software eco-certificato. ⭐


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En el Boletín de abril, damos la bienvenida a los desarrollos
prometedores en IA de la UE. Demandamos un presupuesto para el en Alemania.

Hablamos sobre Plasma Mobile con @bshah y de trabajo en red tipo malla con Elektra Wagenrad.


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In our April Newsletter, we welcome promising developments on AI in EU. We demand a budget for in Germany.

We discuss Plasma Mobile with @bshah & Networking with Elektra Wagenrad. Okular becomes the first eco-certified software ⭐


👇 Check our demands on the legislative process of the , so innovation is fostered, control enhanced, and trust strengthened.

We need verifiable and trustworthy AI technologies, and is crucial to achieve this.


Gemeinsam mit der OSB Alliance, Open Knowledge Foundation
DE, Wikimedia DE, Vitako, und D64 fordert die @fsfe, digitale Souveränität im Bundeshaushalt 2022 zu berücksichtigen und bereits angekündigte Initiativen für Softwarefreiheit umzusetzen.


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Together with the OSB Alliance, Open Knowledge Foundation
DE, Wikimedia DE, Vitako, and D64, the @fsfe demands to include digital sovereignty in the 2022 federal budget and implement already announced initiatives for .


What are my options if I want to run my phone with ? For our campaign we interviewed Plasma Mobile developer Bhushan Shah from KDE about running a privacy-respecting and secure GNU/Linux ecosystem on your phone.

@bshah @kde


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