After the city of and the Parliament of now the Municipality of , , commits to the principles of our campaign by publishing any publicly financed software development as . They also plan to gradually switch to Free Software in all municipal facilities.

In our sixth episode of the Software Freedom Podcast we invited Dr. Miriam Ballhausen to talk with us about copyright enforcement. She is a German lawyer with the focus on software, , copyright law and specifically copyright.

Against strong recommendations by , does not publish their tracing app as . This is counterproductive: keeping the app proprietary eliminates transparency, effective reviews and trust.

Router Freedom in Europe +++ Hamburg pro Free Software +++ European Parliament too

In our June read among other things about in , about a new coalition agreement in that puts a focus on and about the demanding . As always, also read about our diverse community activities.

Available in EN, ES, FR, IT, NL

++ Hamburg wants to focus more on Free Software ++

In , the and the are stating in their coalition agreement to focus more on during their future term. Although the coalition agreement contains several loopholes, for example for procurement procedures and diffuse justification to protect proprietary software vendors, the still welcomes the step forward and will critically monitor its implementation.

The FSFE May is out including our demand to publish the results of publicly financed as +++ supporting +++ new +++ Corona tracing apps under a FreeSoftware licence

After the last government of SPD and CSU had distanced itself from the prior progressive strategy, the new coalition agreement in Munich commits to the principle of "Public Money? !". The FSFE welcomes this decision by the new government and will closely monitor the progress of the implementation.

The FSFE has joined the Advisory Board of , an initiative from the to provide and expertise to projects that help improve the Internet as a platform. Call for applications is open until 1 June 2020:

In an open letter to the Parliament, the for internal affairs Raymond Knops commits to a " by default" and underlines its benefits for society. Current market regulations shall be reworded to allow publishing Free Software by the government.:

Together with many Dutch civil rights defenders the FSFE has signed a statement to outlines 10 principles a contact tracing app should abide by

Derzeit gibt es viele Hackathons, um Tools zu entwickeln, mit deren Hilfe man verschiedene Probleme rund um die Corona Krise bewältigen kann. Es muss sichergestellt sein, dass die Ergebnisse dieser Hackathons global genutzt und lokal angepasst werden können, dass die Software verwendet, verstanden, verbreitet und verbessert werden kann. Überall. Wir fordern daher, die Ergebnisse unter einer Freien-Software-Lizenz zu veröffentlichen.

Our extraordinary concentrates on software freedom for global solutions, on solutions for and on how the FSFE handles the whole situation. We highlight our community activities and give tips on what you can do to yourself while :

Some collectively wrote about the good reasons to use for and collected a detailed list of good solutions that respect your freedom:

We demand that the use of tracking technologies that aim at breaking the chains of disease infection may only be promoted on a voluntary basis, fundamental rights must be respected and the software must be published under a licence.

Die FSFE stellt ein: der

Wir suchen ab sofort eine Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung, die der FSFE dabei hilft, Menschen im selbstbestimmten Umgang mit Technik zu unterstützen. In dieser Position sind Sie gemeinsam mit unserem Team in verantwortlich für den reibungslosen . Die Stelle ist ausgelegt für 25-35 Stunden pro Woche.

The FSFE is looking for an

We are looking for an executive assistant to support our work to empower people to control technology. The person will work 25-35 hours per week with our team in the and will be in charge of the FSFE's Berlin office operations.

Our sister organisation also sent their gratitude and greetings to contributors on day. They also raise awareness about the need for more privacy-respecting dating apps:

Our daily work at relies on countless projects, ranging from to and to services like , , , @letsencrypt, , , , , + many more.
Thank you! ❤

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