Hello Free Software Friends,
wishes all users, developers, contributors, translators and all the people involved with Free Software a happy "I love Free Software Day"! Let's share our love for Free Software

In 2021 the Free Software Foundation Europe turns 20! \°/

We look back where everything got started and conducted an interview with the
's founder Georg C. F. Greve:



Do you always wanted to participate in a community and thereby support your favorite organisation?

The is currently searching for translators. We would be happy to welcome you to our team!

Read about how you can join:

📢 Last call! 📣
Apply for support for your local project. We support local engagement with our expertise, information material, networks or even financially. Deadline is 10 January, don't miss it!


Today we published our yearly report " in 2020". An entertaining and compact read about all important things the and our community has done and achieved during the last 12 months: fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202011

Dieses Jahr ist alles etwas anders und der findet online statt. Die wird als Teil von und zusammen mit dem dezentral und virtuell teilnehmen. Dafür suchen wir Talks und Workshops, die sich mit digital (human) rights, offener und / / / und beschäftigen. Den gibt es hier: oio.social/de/2020/10/30/cfp-o

We congratulate our sister @fsf@status.fsf.org on its 35th anniversary working for 🎉

Our president @kirschner shares a few thoughts on the past, present and future of in his gratulatory speech:


From hackathons to apps to public administrations: Read about the recent successes in regarding in our , find videos from multiple online events where the was represented and read about our diverse activities:

Against strong recommendations by , does not publish their tracing app as . This is counterproductive: keeping the app proprietary eliminates transparency, effective reviews and trust.


++ Hamburg wants to focus more on Free Software ++

In , the and the are stating in their coalition agreement to focus more on during their future term. Although the coalition agreement contains several loopholes, for example for procurement procedures and diffuse justification to protect proprietary software vendors, the still welcomes the step forward and will critically monitor its implementation.


Some collectively wrote about the good reasons to use for and collected a detailed list of good solutions that respect your freedom: fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202004

We have upgraded our instance at git.fsfe.org to the latest version today 🎉

supporters and volunteers can now make use of the features @giteaio version 1.11 offers blog.gitea.io/2020/02/gitea-1.

On day we would like to thank all our translators, our volunteers, our supporters, our coordinators, our mailing list subscribers, our sys-admins, our web-team, our local groups and everyone who aligns with the and throughout the year.

You know who you are, and you are awesome!

Hello, World! The wishes a happy "I love Free Software" Day to all users, developers, contributors and everyone else!

You are the ones who give us meaning and empower us day by day ❤️

Join us today and show your love on : ilovefs.org

Hey , come to our booth in the second level of building K and talk with us to get to know the people of the or share your thoughts on our campaigns.

Hey , come to our booth in the second level of building K and talk with us to get to know the people of the ! Also ask for the social event tonight, if you like to join!

On Tuesday after , the 's @LasotaLucas@twitter.com will join the next policy meeting in Brussels to protect in . Meet him at our booth if you like to discuss this issue.

Help us protecting users' control of technology: fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201910

Hey , the is hiring: We are looking for interns and trainees experienced in legal, policy or technical fields to join our team in our Berlin office.


If you are interested, get in touch at our booth.

What's the interplay between and in the science sector? Christian Busse summarises the different programmes in Europe, specifically , during the pre- event.

His suggestions for better policies: git.fsfe.org/purine_bitter/FS4

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