👇 Check our demands on the legislative process of the , so innovation is fostered, control enhanced, and trust strengthened.

We need verifiable and trustworthy AI technologies, and is crucial to achieve this.


Gemeinsam mit der OSB Alliance, Open Knowledge Foundation
DE, Wikimedia DE, Vitako, und D64 fordert die @fsfe, digitale Souveränität im Bundeshaushalt 2022 zu berücksichtigen und bereits angekündigte Initiativen für Softwarefreiheit umzusetzen.


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Together with the OSB Alliance, Open Knowledge Foundation
DE, Wikimedia DE, Vitako, and D64, the @fsfe demands to include digital sovereignty in the 2022 federal budget and implement already announced initiatives for .


European Parliament's special committee AIDA voted on its resolution on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age today and underlined the importance of for AI with a broad majority.

The resolution demands public procurement "to mandate, where appropriate, software for AI solutions", with the goal to encourage cross border collaboration. 1/3

At the end of the week, the new German government will have been in office for 100 days. The coalition agreement contains ambitious statements on the use of , but so far nothing has been implemented.


'Contact your administrations' is a new workshop series for volunteers who want to promote to local representatives.

The workshops show how to address public administrations to discuss in public sector

⭐ One of 2021 highlights


En el Boletín de diciembre lee sobre . Compartimos dos grandes noticias: la UE vota la Ley de Mercados Digitales y Alemania apunta a la adopción de !

También la entrevista con @nicorikken, un libro infantil y dos vacantes.


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Happy holidays! In December Newsletter read about . And two great news: EU is voting on the Digital Markets Act, & Germany aims to adopt Public Money !

Find our interview with @nicorikken a children's book, and job openings.


The new German coalition treaty: “We stipulate open standards for public IT projects. Procurement for software development will usually commissioned as the corresponding software is made public as a matter of principle.”

We welcome that the new government wants to focus on the use of Free Software. We will now closely observe and accompany the concrete implementation.

Wir freuen uns, dass die neue Regierung auf den Einsatz von Freier Software setzen will. Wir werden nun die konkrete Umsetzung genau beobachten und begleiten.


Don't miss the launch event of our Public Money? Public Code! brochure now available in Spanish.

We will discuss the future that is ahead for in the public sector in Spain.

🗓️ Save the date! December 13, 2021 at 18:00CET


The Netherlands is becoming increasingly dependent on a digital infrastructure that is dominated by just a small number of monopolistic companies.

The consequent security risk is recognised by the Dutch Cyber Security Council.

The FSFE calls on the Dutch government to stand firm and get a grip on their digital security & autonomy by adhering to and , in line with their earlier commitment to use Free Software by Default.


Mit einem wegweisenden Beschluss hat sich dem Einsatz von verschrieben. Der Rat der Stadt hat mit einer überwältigenden, fraktionsübergreifenden Mehrheit den Weg für „Public Money? !“ freigemacht.



With a groundbreaking resolution, has committed itself to the use of . An overwhelming, cross-faction majority of the city council has paved the way for "Public Money? !”



Tweede Kamer stemt al 20 jaar voor vrije software maar handelt daar niet naar.

Tweede Kamer naar Raad van State om uit te leggen waarom haar broncode niet openbaar is.


In our December , read about the being published to extend software freedom, learn about in international development, read an interview with Cord-Landwehr from about adoption and much more: fsfe.org/news/nl/nl-202012.htm

International development cooperation is increasingly digitised and fundamental to reach the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Together with experts in the field, he FSFE summarises the background in an article and demands in international development cooperation:

Read in our September newsletter about a new strong alliance formed by administrations, business and civil society organisations asking for "A place for ". Also read about our call to apply for FSFE support for your local project, our job vacancy, and about our other diverse community activities.


The increased use of is a central component for more digital sovereignty. Together with a strong alliance of administrations, politics, business and civil society, we call for the development of a code repository with Free Software for the public sector.


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