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Are you into communication and moderation, netiquette and Code of Conduct? We look for a project manager who supports us in logistics and communication with volunteers and the general public:


RT @osdiversity@twitter.com: Our friends at @fsfe@twitter.com are looking for a Project Manager.
" is meant to serve everyone... we shall give preference to applicants who identify as part of a traditionally marginalized demographic in technology for applications of equal strength." fsfe.org/news/2018/news-201807

The @fsfe@twitter.com newsletter is out in 5 languages (DE/EN/ES/FR/NL): fsfe.org/news/nl/nl-201807

read about

Think big? We are looking for a dedicated program manager to lead or support existing and new projects by the @fsfe@twitter.com


Using Free Software to build a more democratic, inclusive and sustainable digital society - interview with Francesca Bria, CTO of Barcelona. fsfe.org/news/2018/news-201807

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Treffen der FSFE Gruppe Berlin/Brandenburg Heute Abend findet das nächste Treffen der FSFE Unterstützer aus Berlin und Brandenburg in der elok statt. Erik und Tomás wollen vom Community Treffen in Straßburg berichten. Es sind natürlich nicht nur FSFE Unterstützer willkommen und wir freuen uns immer über neue Gesichter in der Runde.

Das Treffen startet wie üblich gegen 20 Uhr, die meisten werden so ab 19:30h in der e-lok ankommen und in gemütlicher Runde ein leckeres Mahl genießen. Starts:

Thursday July 12, 2018 @ 7:30 PM


Thursday July 12, 2018 @ 10:00 PM


Jugendclub elok unweit vom Bhf Ostkreuz

Laskerstraße 4-6, Berlin

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Am Donnerstag ist FSFE-Stammtisch der Lokalgruppe Zürich. Wer Lust hat kann kommen:

@z428 Google is listed because they donated to us. Regarding the reasons why this company supported our organisation, you should ask them ;)
On a side note because it's often asked: a donation doesn't buy anything. There is no influence on our work, as you may see on freeyourandroid.org

@dchsg Sure, although we didn't organise such an event for a long time. Please contact us directly: fsfe.org/contact/

Join our neighbours and !
RT @technoethical@twitter.com Join us at 14:00 in building Platane room B05 for the workshop on "How to completely liberate the main OS of your phone" as part of the @FSFE@twitter.com track at in Strasbourg. 2018.rmll.info/en/program/cale

Reunión mensual del grupo de la FSFE de Hamburgo, en Hamburgo, Alemania (2018-07-11) wiki.fsfe.org/LocalGroups/Hamb

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"If you want to convince people, you need to create emotions". @italovignoli on marketing for !FreeSoftware at the @fsfe assembly #RMLL https://l.fsfe.org/BpmFGM

Already awake and at ? At 10:00 we'll open our Assembly with a talk by Italo Vignoli about how to raise public attention for . We are looking forward to interesting input and fruitful discussions with you.

people, enjoy the night life in Strasbourg but make sure to not miss tomorrow morning's talk about "Marketing FOSS" by Italo Vignoli at 10:00 in Platane B04, the room of our assembly. See you around!

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Feels good to see so many people interested in , and more . Talk by Florian Snow at in @fsfe@twitter.com @KristiProgri@twitter.com

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Technology underpins society. @mxmehl with XKCD’s chain of command strip at #rmll2018 xkcd.com/898/ #rmll18

RT @kirschner@twitter.com: Now @schiessle@twitter.com at the @fsfe@twitter.com track at on " in the cloud".

Monatliches Treffen der FSFE Gruppe Hamburg in Hamburg, Deutschland (2018-07-11) wiki.fsfe.org/LocalGroups/Hamb