Talks and booth at Bits&Baumlume in Berlin, Germany (2018-11-17 - 2018-11-18)

RT with talk, workshop & booth at in . The president will give a talk and EU public policy programme manager @lexelas will host a policy workshop. At the booth, they will present the findings of the software study - carried out by @cs_unibz

La presente en la @oshwdem 2018 con un stand por tercer año consecutivo. Gracias Pablo de FSFE madrid!

Wer heute in Hannover ist, auf zum Linux Presentation Day im @LeineLab und unsere Community kennenlernen <3
Tomorrow is Presentation Day in at with the @lughannover and with my @fsfe info booth. 😇🤗😀

The does an amazing job at defending our liberties online: Please consider supporting this amazing non-profit; I have for more than a decade 🤩

En la presentamos una inciativa para formar un grupo local de la La idea es apoyar las campañas en marcha y realizar nuevas acciones a nivel local. Buscamos voluntarios, te buscamos a ti! si estás interesado, habla con nosotros en la @OSHWDem

Nesta 2018 a❤️Galego e queremos que siga a ser así. Estamos a crear un equipo de traducción ao galego na FSFE e precisamos tradutores. Se falas galego e coñeces outros idiomas precisamos de ti. Únete a nós!

I support the and encourage you to read & get notice about its activities. Sure you gonna find more related with your day to day than you thought

"Let's put the hacking back to politics!" Awesome theme for's assembly and its sessions! Would love to be there...

Use this weekend to read about the steps we took in the last 12 months towards a Free Society, our , the we participated and so much more:

Registration for at has opened, and we are in!
Which is a good time for you to remember that we are running a call for self-created :

Let's put the back into !

In 2018 some ten thousand people form the @fsfe by spreading our word, supporting our campaigns, sharing our newsletters and discussing on our mailing lists. Read more about our community in our :

For one year now we are running our Public Money? - ! campaign and currently prepare for the upcoming . Read about the current state in our :

The's annual report is out: " in 2018"

Read about our campaigns and activities, the events we organised, the community we are, our budgets and much more:

🗣️Prototype-Projekte @ 35C3: Jetzt noch schnell melden für das Programm an der - Assembly: (wir sitzen auch gerade dran)

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