You are burning for and you like to work for several months with our international community on different campaigns, help us on our outreach and our technical backend?

Then apply as our first :

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Finally renewed my #FSFE fellowship as they still seem the one organization closest to my ideals when it comes to software... hope it makes a difference... 😐

@z428 Thank you very much for your support and trust in our work! 🙂

FSFE Newsletter September is out in English, Spanish and Dutch:

read about , , and our community activities

Now here’s an interview about with some thoughts of mine. Thanks!

Unlock your handcuffs:

There are plenty of devices and media that preserve our freedom. You can choose to live without .

We can buy media that we can use forever, in any format of our choice. With a little research, we can choose devices that do not lock us in.

Use the to inform yourself about the dangers of , how you can break free or tell others why and how you resist DRM!

Find activities, networks and campaigns that you can engage in or support against DRM:

also endangers our privacy. Remember how in 2005 it was found out that the was spying on users and was loaded onto roughly 25 million CDs and infected more than 550,000 networks in more than one hundred countries:

Digital restrictions imposed by DRM endanger our citizen rights and open up a legal minefield for copyright reforms and exceptions to it. They hinder access to our digital heritage and knowledge, block citation and creativity.

Digital Restrictions Management () is any technology that is built into an electronic product or service with the aim of limiting its range of uses.

Today is international :

Use the day and read on to inform yourself & others about DRM!

"Go open today, there's no excuse not to" - interview with Timo Aarnio, GIS expert at National Land Survey Finland.

"Go open today, there's no excuse not to" - our interview with Timo Aarnio, National Land Survey of Finland, about developing with public money as

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Thanks #NLLGG for an inspiring Software Freedom Day (#SFD) in Utrecht. Here's the #FSFE information booth:

Freedom toaster and arcade game, 2 in 1, come and add your stickers on machine

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Kommt zum Stand der auf den . Sprecht mit uns, nehmt was mit, lasst was da. 😃

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The Free Software Foundation Europe (, a nonprofit behind the Public Money, Public Code project, advocates for making all publicly-financed software open source.

On my way to in Novi Sad, Serbia. Looking forward to meeting the Balkan Free Software community and speaking about on Saturday! @BalCC0n

@martin ja, im RSS-Feed ist die URL auch richtig, keine Ahnung wo die falsche URL her kommt. Vielleicht war der RSS Feed kurzfristig fehlerhaft... Ich werde das mal im Auge behalten.

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