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In #Berlin, an #freiersoftware interessiert und heute Abend noch nichts vor?

Die Unterstützer*innen der #FSFE treffen sich heute Abend im Jugendclub E-LOK, 5 Minuten zu Fuß vom Bahnhof Ostkreuz. Los geht es um 19 Uhr. Leckeres Essen und Trinken zu fairen Preisen und nette Leute gibt es vor Ort.

Der Eingang der E-LOK befindet sich im Hof der Laskerhöfe über die rechte Einfahrt und ist Barrierefrei.

Laskerstraße 6-8, Berlin

Perché il software creato usando i soldi delle tasse riscosse dai cittadini non è rilasciato come Software Libero?

Мы требуем изменения законодательства, чтобы код программного обеспечения, вновь разрабатываемого или закупаемого для государственного сектора, был общедоступен в соответствии с лицензиями свободного программного обеспечения.

We are a diverse community of people from all over Europe and beyond, who are committed to Free Software. If you feel likewise, join us in our work for freedom. There are many ways to engage:

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Max Mehl talks about IT security at Pass the SALT in Lille, France (2019-07-01 - 2019-07-03)

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Political satirist Christine Prayon was awarded the 10,000 Euro Dieter Hildebrandt Prize of the City of and donated the prize money to the Free Software Foundation Europe. She used her thank-you speech to put the finger on one of Munich's sore spots and criticised Munich's switch back to proprietary systems. You can watch here thank-you speech now here (de)

FSFE Booth at Corso Leopold Street Festival in Munich, Germany (2019-05-25 - 2019-05-26)

Erik Albers gives F-Droid workshop "Freedom to go" at Gulaschprogrammiernacht in Karlsruhe, Germany (2019-05-30)

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"Keep on hacking for a free world" - participants at the @fsfe web-a-thon, day 2.

(and btw: please also vote towards a free world)

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Still for Freedom at the @fsfe web-a-thon on this beautiful sunny day (not included i n the picture) in the

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Happy to everyone from the @fsfe web-a-thon and hugs to the for hosting us <3

Christine Prayon, bekannt aus der , zu Freier Software in München:

Galia Mancheva speaks about Public Money? Public Code! at TuxCon in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2019-06-08 - 2019-06-09)

Three conclusions to draw from denying access to software & the importance has for technology users, public bodies, and businesses alike:

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