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Thanks a lot to Gergely (∀E∃A) for the positive and amusing statistics about the popularity of stickers spread at the Hactivity IT Security Festival 2019

(spoiler: "the good news is that I cannot do [the statistics] because all the stickers had been taken already in the first half of the first day… :-)" )

you are welcome to ask for more stickers next time:

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I just noticed the @fsfe's tag line and really love it: "empowering users to control technology"


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The @fsfe asks for sessions for "about:freedom" during :
Thanks to @3rik for organising that part again!

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Interested in hosting a #36c3 session? FSFE is looking forward to sessions about Free Software, privacy, data protection, encryption, the commons and internet policies

Call for sessions "about:freedom" during is out. The is looking for inspiring talks, workshops & meetings about or related to at this year's :

While we welcome submissions on technical topics, we also further encourage non-technical talks that address philosophical, political, economical, and/or other aspects regarding Free Software, particularly for this year related to

The FSFE's October is out in 4 languages (EN/DE/ES/NL):

Main stories of this month are our first "Software Freedom " with Cory Doctorow and our yearly report "Software Freedom in Europe 2019"

Also read about the Swiss campaign and all the other things our has done in the last month.

"I believe that can help us change our society fundamentally for the better and I believe the best way to do so is together with other volunteers from all over Europe!"

Our Community - we are the

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You are at and interested in license compliance? Join my talk about in 15 minutes (16:20) in room Rhône 1! It's a project by the @fsfe to make licensing easier for everyone.

Your is important equipment because it connects your devices to the internet. However, many Internet Service Providers in Europe are imposing their specific routers to customers. The helps you to become active for !

Read more: , the Programme Manager, gives a presentation about the REUSE project at the Open Source Summit Europe in Lyon.

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Community is power! It's so great to see what we together achieved during the past 12 months at @fsfe to boost , and that's only a small fraction:

Thanks to everyone who contributes as volunteer, supporter or donor and enables our work!

The @fsfe would be nothing without our contributors. And it would be so much more with you! If you feel inspired after reading our yearly report, there are many ways to engage in our movement:

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A small team of volunteers takes care that @fsfe's infrastructure keeps running and continuously evolves. Read about their most recent and their roadmap for a large organisation's systems.

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Today we published the @fsfe 's yearly report, looking back what we achieved for the last 12 months.

A big THANK YOU to all contributors involved in the many activities mentioned there and our financial supporters.

The yearly report is out: "Software freedom in Europe 2019"

Read about what we have done and achieved during the last 12 months to empower
users to control technology:

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I need your help: Some time ago I read about an anti-cheat software that exposed data of the users. I think it only exposed data of users that were identified as cheaters but I can't tell anymore. I'd like to contribute the story to @fsfe as an example of bad DRM. Please boost!

At this year's General Assembly, which took place in Essen, Germany, on 12 October, the members of the re-elected as the president, Heiki Lõhmus as the vice president, and as the financial officer for another two-year term.

Linux Day Dornbirn, 19. Oktober: Der von der Linux User Group Voralberg organisierte LinuxDay ist die größte Veranstaltung in Vorarlberg zu Linux und Freier Software. Wir werden dort mit einem Stand und Infomaterial einen Tag lang vertreten sein.

Hacktoberfest: Am Samstag, den 19. Oktober 2019, ab 13:37 Uhr, lädt der Chao Computer Club FFM und die lokale FSFE Gruppe Rhein-Main zum Hacken an Freier Software ein.

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