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Heute (23.04.2020) Abend findet der nächste virtuelle Bildungsabend der Berlin / Brandenburger Unterstützerïnnen der #FSFE statt. Wir treffen uns um 19:30 und wollen unter anderem über folgende Themen reden

Andre möchte uns ein Updates zur Schul-Cloud geben; und
Erik möchte den Umgang der Berliner Universitäten mit der aktuellen Situation erörtern

Falls euch diese Themen interessieren, oder ihr selbst noch ein Thema aus dem Bereich der Verwendung von #FreeSoftware in der #Bildung besprechen wollt, kommt gerne vorbei. Treffpunkt ist
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The new @fsfe podcast for the Eastern holidays is out:
This time @kattascha and I talked with Lawrence Lessig who wrote "code and other laws of cyberspace" - the most influential book in my own thinking and work for . Hope you enjoy it.

If you have time over the holidays I invite you to also check out the other episodes
with @doctorow @kde 's Lydia @LaF0rge and @fsfe 's Carmen:

Together with many Dutch civil rights defenders the FSFE has signed a statement to outlines 10 principles a contact tracing app should abide by

In the current , we talk with Lawrence Lessig, founder of and Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School, about regulation of society, offline as well as online, about the different means of regulation, and shed light on regulations through code:

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Derzeit gibt es viele Hackathons, um Tools zu entwickeln, mit deren Hilfe man verschiedene Probleme rund um die Corona Krise bewältigen kann. Es muss sichergestellt sein, dass die Ergebnisse dieser Hackathons global genutzt und lokal angepasst werden können, dass die Software verwendet, verstanden, verbreitet und verbessert werden kann. Überall. Wir fordern daher, die Ergebnisse unter einer Freien-Software-Lizenz zu veröffentlichen.

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If you are organising a to counter please show solidarity towards other people around the globe: publish your tools as .

Those tools need to be shared across borders.

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#Dutch #VrijeSoftware 

#FSFE #Nieuwsbrief april 2020: COVID-19 +++ Wereldwijde samenwerking +++ Werken op afstand - - #Corona #WerkenOpAfstand #Nederlands

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Got some amazing stickers from @fsfe. I hope I'll get more people understanding the meaning of Free Software and its importance in our life. #fsfe

Questa straordinaria newsletter si focalizza sulla libertà del software per soluzioni globali, sulle soluzioni di per le connessioni da remoto, e su come la FSFE sta gestendo l'intera situazione. Come al solito, diamo evidenza alle attività della nostra comunità e cerchiamo di dare consigli su cosa puoi fare di utile e divertente mentre stai a casa.

Unser konzentriert sich auf für globale Lösungen und und wie die FSFE mit der Situation zurecht kommt. Wir heben unsere Community Aktivitäten hervor und geben Tipps für gute Unterhaltung zuhause:

Our extraordinary concentrates on software freedom for global solutions, on solutions for and on how the FSFE handles the whole situation. We highlight our community activities and give tips on what you can do to yourself while :

Some collectively wrote about the good reasons to use for and collected a detailed list of good solutions that respect your freedom:

We demand that the use of tracking technologies that aim at breaking the chains of disease infection may only be promoted on a voluntary basis, fundamental rights must be respected and the software must be published under a licence.

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Die Berliner @fsfe Gruppe hat Videokonferenzsoftware und für verteiltes Lernen getestet.

Die Erfahrungen hat @Tobias zusammengefasst (danke dafür!):

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The @fsfe System Hackers usually collaborate virtually, but also meet regularly in person. Read about our recent in and the current state of the services and systems

Many proprietary software companies are currently using the extended homeoffice situation of many employees to offer lock-in solutions gratis or even labelling them as "free". But take care to build on Free Software. Else your solution today might turn into a burden tomorrow:

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