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La población valenciana de Benigànim se compromete a seguir las recomendaciones de de la @fsfe y a potenciar el uso del Software Libre en la administración pública del pueblo.

After the city of and the Parliament of now the Municipality of , , commits to the principles of our campaign by publishing any publicly financed software development as . They also plan to gradually switch to Free Software in all municipal facilities.

In our sixth episode of the Software Freedom Podcast we invited Dr. Miriam Ballhausen to talk with us about copyright enforcement. She is a German lawyer with the focus on software, , copyright law and specifically copyright.

The German city of Bühl created "Palim! Palim!" as a platform on top of . The feedback they received is encouraging:

"Many citizens express their personal thanks to us and we have stopped counting how many municipalities have approached us with great interest. I believe that Free Software is currently experiencing an incredible boost and that the sensitivity for data sovereignty is growing rapidly."


Against strong recommendations by , does not publish their tracing app as . This is counterproductive: keeping the app proprietary eliminates transparency, effective reviews and trust.

Router Freedom in Europe +++ Hamburg pro Free Software +++ European Parliament too

In our June read among other things about in , about a new coalition agreement in that puts a focus on and about the demanding . As always, also read about our diverse community activities.

Available in EN, ES, FR, IT, NL

++ Hamburg wants to focus more on Free Software ++

In , the and the are stating in their coalition agreement to focus more on during their future term. Although the coalition agreement contains several loopholes, for example for procurement procedures and diffuse justification to protect proprietary software vendors, the still welcomes the step forward and will critically monitor its implementation.

Router Freedom challenged by new European rules

From 21 June a new set of rules will guide the implementation of Router Freedom in Europe. The internalisation of the rules by the 27 EU member states will face challenges with negative consequences for Router Freedom. The FSFE contributed to several improvements of the guidelines and will monitor compliance with them.

Am Wochenende wurde mein Vortrag "Wie wir zum machen können" von den Kieler und Linux Tage online gestellt:

Der Vortrag war zwar schon 2017, ist aber immer noch einen Blick wert, denn das Thema ist zeitlos und Wahlen könnten immer wieder kommen. Zum Beispiel nächstes Jahr die Bundestagswahlen.

Danke @kielux !

Hrvatski: dostupan! Web-stranica dostupna je na još jednom jeziku zahvaljujući @mdimjasevic. Potpišite otvoreno pismo kako bi javan novac bio usmjeren u javan kôd i proširite glas!

The FSFE May is out including our demand to publish the results of publicly financed as +++ supporting +++ new +++ Corona tracing apps under a FreeSoftware licence

After the last government of SPD and CSU had distanced itself from the prior progressive strategy, the new coalition agreement in Munich commits to the principle of "Public Money? !". The FSFE welcomes this decision by the new government and will closely monitor the progress of the implementation.

The FSFE has joined the Advisory Board of , an initiative from the to provide and expertise to projects that help improve the Internet as a platform. Call for applications is open until 1 June 2020:

Würde mich freuen, wenn ihr das an interessierte Menschen weiterleiten könnt:

Die @fsfe stellt ein: Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung

Wir suchen ab sofort eine Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung, die der unserem tollen Team dabei hilft, Menschen im selbstbestimmten Umgang mit Technik zu unterstützen.

In an open letter to the Parliament, the for internal affairs Raymond Knops commits to a " by default" and underlines its benefits for society. Current market regulations shall be reworded to allow publishing Free Software by the government.:

In our special episode of the Software Freedom Podcast we talk about some of the advantages of @gnuhealth and how as a Free health and hospital information system it can and already does help with the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Heute (23.04.2020) Abend findet der nächste virtuelle Bildungsabend der Berlin / Brandenburger Unterstützerïnnen der #FSFE statt. Wir treffen uns um 19:30 und wollen unter anderem über folgende Themen reden

Andre möchte uns ein Updates zur Schul-Cloud geben; und
Erik möchte den Umgang der Berliner Universitäten mit der aktuellen Situation erörtern

Falls euch diese Themen interessieren, oder ihr selbst noch ein Thema aus dem Bereich der Verwendung von #FreeSoftware in der #Bildung besprechen wollt, kommt gerne vorbei. Treffpunkt ist
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