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Der verstärkte Einsatz von Freier Software ist ein zentraler Baustein für mehr Digitale Souveränität.

Gemeinsam mit einem starken Bündnis aus Verwaltung, Politik, Wirtschaft und Zivilgesellschaft fordern wir die Schaffung eines Code Repository mit Freier Software für die öffentliche Hand.

Heute ist - Leider ist die Warnapp nicht als veröffentlicht, wir arbeiten für eine Öffnung.

Bis dahin kann man auf das inoffizielle Freie-Software-Projekt ausweichen:

It is no secret that the FSFE's activities are only possible with the priceless help of our contributors and supporters around Europe. To help support local engagement, we run our first call for FSFE community projects:

Guten Morgen Fediverse, bei mir 10/11°C und die Sonne scheint :-)
Heute Abend werde ich etwas für das #stadtradeln #badvilbel tun und zum @fsferm #fsfe radeln, wir treffen uns 19 Uhr in #Frankfurt und freuen uns auch über interessierte Gäste.
Themen Heute:
Freie Software in der Medizin/DRK
Freie Software beim THW (ReLive Last checked: Wed Aug 26 06:20:38 PM CEST 2020)
Kommunalbericht 2019 Stellungnahme vom CCC-DA

In our August Newsletter, we are evaluating reasons why the European Commission should avoid using the term "intellectual property". We also asked the new government in Munich about their progress regarding Free Software, and we introduce our new Open Science Coordinator, Christian Busse. As usual, you can read about our diverse community activities.

Testing the remote presentation setup for

My talk will be on Sunday 10:00 CEST (in German).

Teste gerade das Präsentations-Setup für die .

Danke an das Team für die gute Vorbereitung!

Mein Vortrag "Die Kernwerte der Software Freiheit" und die Diskussion mit Euch finden von 10:00 bis 11:00 Uhr statt.

We recognize this as an opportunity to question the outdated notion that expanding over means more progress and question the existing trend to expand state granted monopolies on .

The current regulatory systems for intangible works do not necessarily encourage innovation, but rather can have the effect of stagnating innovation by limiting access and improvements to know-how, specially for software.

The global issues raised by patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets show that it is too simplistic to say that each of these areas of law can jointly promote progress, fairness,innovation sustainably

In software-related areas, we advocate in favour of a more collaborative regime, eliminating , fairer rules, a more equitable handling of , as well as the enlargement of public domain.

Expanding the scope of protections around , , and trade secrets does not lead necessarily to and competition, but to stronger monopolies. The @fsfe urges the Commission to consider whether EU companies will really benefit under these regulatory tools, and how many would be pushed out of markets.

The European Commission is evaluating their "IP" regulatory system. The FSFE urges to stop expanding monopolies over knowledge and software. Free Software models offer a more innovative, fair, and socially just society based on knowledge sharing:

Our feedback to the EU's "Intellectual property action plan" argues that:

* IP is a misleading term
* the goal should be fostering wealth not monopolies
* Finding better balance between copyright, patents and trade secrets is necessary
* ...

Do you believe that should be the default option for publicly financed software? Let’s convince your political representatives!

Sign the Open Letter

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100 days ago, the new Green-Red coalition in adopted the principle of 'Public Money? Public Code!' to guide their procurement of software. Now, we take a look at the first activities undertaken for the use of .

From hackathons to apps to public administrations: Read about the recent successes in regarding in our , find videos from multiple online events where the was represented and read about our diverse activities:

The spread of Covid-19 brought dramatic and drastic changes for us and our societies. And thus shed light on the global need for global solutions like is. A short summary about the recent successes towards in we achieved together with your help and despite the crisis:

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