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This year's Free Software Day I send a big shout out to #andOTP maker @flocke and to the guys at password manager #Bitwarden. Both are building awesome software that keeps all of us safe. Thank you! #ilovefs

I love Free Software Day - #FSFE

On the annual 'I love Free Software day' we express our gratitude to all Free Software contributors. Join this special event and become part of a lovely community! #ilovefs

Carsten Agger, FSFE's Coordinator for Denmark, tells his story how he fell in love with .
Tell us your story: how did you fall in love with Free Software?

FSFE's President @kirschner loves because it is a crucial component for the distribution of powers in 21st century democracies

We thank @nextcloud and the #NextcloudCommunity, #JitsiMeet, @libreoffice the #OpenDocumentfoundation, #Drawio #Diagrams and the many projects "under the hood", such as the #Linux Foundation, #Apache and the #EFF. Many thanks also to the @fsfe #ILoveFS 💚

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Thank you to all the contributors for the projects we rely on in our daily work! From , @debian and @ubuntu, to Software tools @Docker, @LimeSurvey, @passbolt, , @letsencrypt and many more

If you want to learn a bit more about the background of : Bonnie Mehring did an @fsfe podcast about it, talking with several people including myself.

There are many reasons why we love !
Lucas Lasota loves Free Software because it is a democratic way to control technology! With Free Software anyone can have access to tools and apps that make life easier.

Hello Free Software Friends,
wishes all users, developers, contributors, translators and all the people involved with Free Software a happy "I love Free Software Day"! Let's share our love for Free Software

Tomorrow is I Love Free Software Day. To join us in celebrating our love for is easy. Just send a thank you message to your favorite Free Software project. For more have a look at

helps millions of people to stay connected during lockdown. Let us celebrate the Software that we love so much! Join us this Sunday on Day, 14 February!

SFP#9: A whole episode dedicated to "I Love Free Software Day". Discover the background of this special day and its importance to project leaders! Thank you Lydia Pintscher @kde, Polina Malaja, Miriam Ballhausen, Florian Effenberger, @gregkh, Pamela Chestek + Greg Farough from @fsf

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