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In onze februari-nieuwsbrief interviewen we onze oprichter en oud-voorzitter Georg Greve, reflecteren we op de -dag en onze -participatie, plaatsen we onze nieuwe vacature en brengen we verslag uit van onze gemeenschapsactiviteiten:

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En nuestro de febrero entrevistamos a nuestro presidente fundador Georg Greve, nos proyectamos en el día y en la participación en , anunciamos una oferta de empleo e informamos sobre nuestras diversas actividades comunitarias:

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Nella nostra di febbraio, intervistiamo il nostro presidente fondatore Georg Greve, riflettiamo sulla giornata e la nostra partecipazione al , riportiamo un'offerta di lavoro e parliamo delle varie attività della comunità:

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In our February, we interview our founding president Georg Greve, we reflect on the day and our participation, we advertise our new job vacancy and as usual we report about our diverse community activities:

Call to apply for FSFE support for your local project

If you currently look for financial funding for your FSFE activity, we are happy to support you:

Deadline: 18.April 2021

Wil je de rechtzaak over de broncode van de Tweede Kamer volgen? Vraag een livestream aan

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Tweede Kamer stemt al 20 jaar voor vrije software maar handelt daar niet naar.

Tweede Kamer naar Raad van State om uit te leggen waarom haar broncode niet openbaar is.

Every good thing has to come to an end. And so does I Love Free Software Day. But this doesn't mean we should stop saying thank you! Let's make it a habit and continue to show our love for Free Software. Thank you too all of you who joined I Love Free Software Day!

To all the priceless people, communities, organisers, speakers, volunteers, journalists, and participants of great events around the world and online: Happy I love Free Software day!


is trendy <3

Thank you all for participating and making the I love day such a nice event full of digital hugs and love. I am enjoying our awesome stream throughout the day!

LibreOffice is free software - but that's means more than just zero cost. It's about having the freedom to use, study, change and share the software. Learn more here: (Oh, and how many free software project logos do you recognise in this image?)

My first #ILoveFs goes to #Jitsi! I'd like to say thanks to all the people behind it, because without that I would have a huge problem.
You’ve made a really easy to use product that helps us to #stayconnected in these times even though we may stay apart physically from friends or family.

Thanks a lot!

My full letter is here:

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Thanks to all the contributors to the creating a decentralised network based on which I can also use today to say thank you on

It's - a perfect occasion to celebrate your favorite projects! 😍 Tutanota depends on several projects, check them out:
Hopefully, next year, we can host our own Free Software Day again. 😀

C'est aujourd'hui un grand jour pour montrer tout notre amour pour le mouvement, les projets et personnes qui le font vivre.
Merci @aprilorg 💙
Thank you @fsf ❤️
Thank you @fsfe 💚

Joyeux Jour du Logiciel Libre ! #ilovefs

Pünktlich zum Tag von #ILoveFS haben wir unseren Artikel zum F-Droid-Appstore komplett überarbeitet. Mit einer Liste von lauter guten freien Apps. Danke @fdroidorg und alle Projekte, die dort Apps einstellen. Wir lieben eure freie Software. /L&c

There is a ton of amazing free software projects I use every day and for today's "I love free software"-day I would want to thank all of their contributors, but that's close to impossible. So I'm just mentioning a few projects I use and hope that my words somehow reach as many free software contributors as possible :)

@debian @fdroidorg @gnome @inkscape @libreoffice @Mastodon @nextcloud @Tusky

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