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SFP#11: For our new Software Freedom Podcast episode @mxmehl and Bonnie Mehring talk about the newly launched . For everyone out there who wants to make licensing easier

In juni lanceerden we Booster om Software-projecten te
helpen met licenties. We interviewden Torsten Grote, die de noodzaak om onze
te Bevrijden onderstreepte. FSFE-team Nederland eist meer
digitale rechten.

Onze juni-nieuwsbrief:

*Our June Newsletter has been translated to German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish with the kind help of our translators.*

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Im Juni haben wir Booster gestartet, um -Projekten
bei Lizenzen zu helfen. Wir sprechen mit, Vorreiter bei der
Befreiung von -Telefonen. Das FSFE-Niederlande-Team fordert mehr
digitale Rechte.

Unser Juni-Newsletter:

* Our June Newsletter has been translated to German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish with the kind help of our translators.*

In June, we launched REUSE Booster to share legal advice with projects on copyright.

We interviewed Torsten Grote, who stressed the need to Free our early on.

In The Netherlands, digital autonomy is undermined; meanwhile, demands for Free Software are rising

In our June Newsletter.

Photo: FSFE spot in a non-profit hacker-camp. The Netherlands, 2017.

Torsten Grote explored Free Software alternatives for smartphones as early as 2012. ⭐

In our interview we look back at the start of Free Your Android campaign.

Of course, we asked which options are available for liberating our phones today.

The interview was conducted in the context of celebrating 20 Years of the FSFE 🙂

Do you maintain a project?

Taking care of proper licensing is important for you and your users. Following the standards will take most of the load off your shoulders.

Register with REUSE Booster until 8 July to receive tailored support from us!

Today we launch REUSE Booster! 🚀

is a set of best practices to make Free Software licensing and copyright much easier for developers. With REUSE , we give direct support for interested projects.

The Netherlands is becoming increasingly dependent on a digital infrastructure that is dominated by just a small number of monopolistic companies.

The consequent security risk is recognised by the Dutch Cyber Security Council.

The FSFE calls on the Dutch government to stand firm and get a grip on their digital security & autonomy by adhering to and , in line with their earlier commitment to use Free Software by Default.

The time traveller Cory Doctorow
sends his wishes for 20 Years FSFE from utopian 2041:

Supporting a cause can take many forms. Embrace your creativity 💡 and share your proposal for a local project with us.

Apply until 25 July.

FSFE’s activities are only possible with the priceless help of our contributors & supporters. In return we support local engagement financially, with our expertise, information material & networks.

En el Boletín de mayo el viajero del tiempo Cory Doctorow envía sus deseos de los 20 años de la FSFE desde el año 2041, lee sobre la Libertad del Enrutador en Grecia, Alemania y Austria y los beneficios aplicar la IA bajo licencias de Software Libre

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Nella nostra newsletter di maggio, leggi del viaggiatore del tempo Cory Doctorow che manda i suoi auguri per i 20 anni di FSFE dal 2041, della Libertà del Router in Grecia, Germania e Austria, e dei vantaggi dell'IA rilasciata come Software Libero

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In May Newsletter watch our time traveller Cory Doctorow who sends his wishes for 20 Years FSFE from a utopian 2041; read about Router Freedom developments in Greece, Germany, and Austria as well as AI application benefits under Free Software licenses

The FSFE turns 20! 🎂

Prolific Sci-Fi author Cory Doctorow travels to the future and sends us his wishes from a utopian 2041! Collective work & sharing of knowledge ensured prosperity.

@doctorow is thanking the FSFE for our work on this goal.


‘We truly believe in the value & human rights of , which should be without borders.

That is exactly why, though not in Europe, we still strongly support the ideas, notions & campaigns of FSFE.’

– Franklin Weng, Software Liberty Association Taiwan

'Free Software is about empowerment.

When I was a student with little money, Linux enabled me to do interesting things with my cheap and old computer where the pre-installed software failed.

Since then, my whole education & many achievements would have been impossible had I not been able to experiment, learn, disassemble, reassemble, modify, tweak, and use the way I wanted.

This kind of needs a strong lobby: the FSFE'

– Thomas Kahle

'Writing good is one thing, but getting the word out, countering corporate lobbying, and working towards an environment where even gets a chance in public sector tenders is equally important.’

– Thorsten Behrens, Developer

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