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In einem Statement für weise ich (@fsfe) darauf hin, dass ein Multifunktionswerkzeug ist, mit dem legale und illegale Dinge getan werden können. -Projekte hier rechtlich zu belangen ist daher der falsche Weg.

Dieses Jahr ist alles etwas anders und der findet online statt. Die wird als Teil von und zusammen mit dem dezentral und virtuell teilnehmen. Dafür suchen wir Talks und Workshops, die sich mit digital (human) rights, offener und / / / und beschäftigen. Den gibt es hier:

On Wednesday the EU Commission published its new Open Source Strategy. We are pleased that the Commission recognises the benefits of and the four freedoms to use, study, share and improve, but the commission lacks concrete targets and indicators to implement the strategy. Without these, we worry that the strategy will end up accomplishing too little!

Read more:

Tonight at 21:00 (CEST), our Junior Project manager Bonnie Mehring joins the Free Software Froundation's 35th Birthday celebrations. Together with other local group coordinators, she will discuss how to organize and coordingate in the Free Software movement

We congratulate our sister on its 35th anniversary working for 🎉

Our president @kirschner shares a few thoughts on the past, present and future of in his gratulatory speech:

We are looking for a working student as an assistant . So if you are into tech, already gained some experience with server administration and are keen on working with our technical staff and volunteers, join us!

More details:

T-shirt de la @fsfe reçu !
Deuxième tshirt de geek que j'ai ! 😁

Today @fdroidorg celebrates 10 years of existence:

We wish anyone involved a happy birthday and if you now feel like spreading the word, help yourself with our :

@meldrian Ich zahle seit einigen Jahren (>3) jeden Monat 15€ an die @fsfe.

Lees in onze september-nieuwsbrief over een nieuwe sterke alliantie gevormd door overheden, politiek, bedrijfsleven en maatschappelijke organisaties die vraagt om 'een plaats voor publieke code'. Lees ook over onze oproep om FSFE-steun voor uw lokale project aan te vragen, onze vacature en over onze andere verschillende gemeenschapsactiviteiten.

Leggi nella nostra newsletter di settembre sulla forte alleanza formata da amministrazioni, politici, organizzazioni commerciali e della società civile che chiedono "Un posto per il codice pubblico", del nostro bando per il supporto della FSFE per il tuo progetto locale, del nostro posto di lavoro vacante, e delle varie attività della comunità.

En nuestro boletín de septiembre podrás leer sobre una nueva y resistente alianza formada por administraciones, políticos, empresas y organizaciones de la sociedad civil, demandando "un lugar para el código público". Además podrás leer sobre nuestra llamada para conseguir respaldo y financiación de la FSFE para tu proyecto local, sobre nuestra oferta de empleo, y sobre otras diversas actividades de nuestra comunidad.

Read in our September newsletter about a new strong alliance formed by administrations, business and civil society organisations asking for "A place for ". Also read about our call to apply for FSFE support for your local project, our job vacancy, and about our other diverse community activities.

La Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) promuove il software libero e i servizi. Potete seguirli all'indirizzo:

➡️ @fsfe
...hanno anche un canale PeerTube:

➡️ @fsfe

...e un account PixelFed:

➡️ @fsfe

La filiale di Berlino ha un proprio account presso:

➡️ @fsfeberlin

Il sito web è

Ci sono anche organizzazioni sorelle FSF in tutto il mondo: @fsf (Nord America), @fsfi (India) e FSF America Latina.

#FSFE #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #Libero #libre #Europa

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) promotes libre software and services. You can follow them at:

➡️ @fsfe

...they also have a PeerTube channel at:

➡️ @fsfe

...and a PixelFed account:

➡️ @fsfe

The Berlin branch has its own account at:

➡️ @fsfeberlin

The website is

There are also sister FSF organisations around the world: @fsf (North America), @fsfi (India) and FSF Latin America.

#FSFE #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #SoftwareFreedom #Europe

The increased use of is a central component for more digital sovereignty. Together with a strong alliance of administrations, politics, business and civil society, we call for the development of a code repository with Free Software for the public sector.

Great news from @kde: the KDE Framework is fully compliant, so perfectly reusable from a copyright/licensing perspective – and this is just the start of their journey!

Excellent work and yet another example that REUSE is suited also for large and old projects.

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