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The @owncast project could really use some help! 🙏

At the moment the lead dev @gabek is having to handle an awful lot at once. The platform would be much more sustainable if there were more people on the team.

Everyone who wants to help is welcome, but of course there are some specific areas where help is especially welcome:


Please get in touch with @owncast or @gabek if you want to help out!

For those who don't know, OwnCast is a Twitch-style livestreaming and chat service for the Fediverse. You can follow OwnCast accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see a post in your timeline when the account goes live. There's a site about it at owncast.online and a directory of featured streams at directory.owncast.online

Boosts welcome!

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Well, I’ve always said that the only good billionaire is one who gives up being a billionaire so credit where credit is due:


#patagonia #billionaires

En 50 años más, se necesitará que todos hagamos lo que podamos con los recursos de los que disponemos. Esta es otra forma que hemos descubierto para cumplir con nuestra parte.

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Please don't use Imunify360, I can't enter your site through tor and I'm not a robot

“His warning was seen as a historic wake-up call – but instead of heeding the existential smoke alarm, the US removed the batteries and kept on cooking.”



“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Bishop Desmond Tutu

CloudFlare’s entire business model since Day One has been “let’s give away free network services until the clients and the servers for half the fucking Internet have to go through us to reach each other, at which point there will be no end to the ways we can leverage that position for profit,” so it probably should not surprise people as much as it has to discover they are Problematic

This is absolutely heartbreaking. This is what 12 years of Tory bastards doing cut after cut has done to this country. And what's most of the media reporting on? That someone wore a "Never kissed a Tory" t-shirt.

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This dinner lady says she cries going into work - because she has to deny children school lunch.

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Illegal to be a kid (poor kid actually) in London.

Illegal to be poor, really.

Si cou és que pica.

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Y el Rey de España, el único que se quedó sentado cuando llegó la espada de Bolívar a la posesión presidencial. La misma con la que el libertador combatió al ejercito español hace más de 200 años.

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Hidden Menace: Massive methane leaks speed up climate change


The Mako station, owned by a subsidiary of West Texas Gas Inc., was observed releasing an estimated 870 kilograms of methane – an extraordinarily potent greenhouse gas — into the atmosphere each hour. That’s the equivalent impact on the climate of burning seven tanker trucks full of gasoline every day.

"To effectively resist cooptation and expand our movement, we believe we need to build on the FOSS movement with an explicitly anticapitalist political movement which proactively collaborates with other movements for justice." cooperativetechnology.codeberg

I'm telling you! Bikes as transport is really going to take off in the future! It's gonna be the next big thing!

(this statement is a sarcastic joke, based on the fact that bikes as transport (and generally less cars) is what we need now, and previously, but is something that has been lost, and because the photo attached shows a 1983 British postal bike of mine)

Imagine telling the guy that welded that frame, or built those wheels in 1983, that 38 years in the future some weird kid was gonna be riding that bike, loving that bike, and enjoying that bike, as a sign of rebellion against a system that only held bikes as a sporting good.

That guy would not believe in a million years that bicycles would be looked at as a strange and inappropriate mode of transport for the average person, and yet here we are.

That guy would 100% have believed, however, that the bike they were building would still be working almost 4 decades later, because the bike was designed to be nuclear bomb proof effectively, and by god it'll never die.

Bikes *are* the future, and we need to work on making that future now.

Hoy es viernes, y es DIA DE COMIC!!
El team condenas aun no aparece luego de más videos de Pol y sus pusilánimes pidiendo Fusilar al 60% de Chile, veo que nuevamente me quede corto. Hago lo que puedo, RT si crees que eres fusilable


when the creator of octocat adventures* speaks, you listen. David Oreilly is dead on.

*and other dope shit too

When I think about climate change, I think about the Great Stink.

By 1830, London was the largest, richest city in the world. But the city's waste management systems had not changed appreciably since medieval times. Most human waste was handled quite simply: it was just dumped into the River Thames.

The result was a slow-growing crisis that lasted three decades. Cholera outbreaks (from drinking tainted water, though nobody understood that then) periodically wracked the city, killing tens of thousands. The stench from the river gradually grew worse and worse, making life in riverside districts increasingly intolerable. The government was too hesitant to take dramatic action, though; it tried instead to mitigate the problem, by pouring lime into the river to cut the stench.

It all came to a head in the summer of 1858. A dry spell caused the level of the river to drop, leaving the banks coated with mounds of what the newspapers delicately called "impure matter." The stench was so bad that it became known as "the Great Stink." Parliament, whose halls were right on the river, could not conduct business. The smell in the chambers was so strong that all the curtains were soaked in chloride of lime to try and block it. (It didn't work.)

Parliament was now faced with a simple, stark choice: do something to clean up the river, or move itself out of London altogether. Members seriously discussed relocating to Oxford and St. Albans, but in the end, they decided to act. Municipal engineer Joseph Bazalgette was authorized to build a network of new sewers, at the then-staggering cost of £3 million, to be paid for by taxing every London household three pennies for the next 40 years.

Bazalgette's sewers solved the problem. They solved it so well they're still in use today. But democratic government had to be dragged kicking and screaming into making them happen. Only when the problem made their own lives intolerable did they finally act.

How all this relates to climate change, I shall leave as an exercise for the reader.


Esta vez a tiempo para un nuevo DIA DE COMIC!!

Si aprueba RT, si rechaza, RT 2 veces.

Lo siento, yo no hago las reglas, esasi

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