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Look GitLab, when I say "remember me", I don't mean "log me out after two weeks", I mean this is my fucking computer just let me stay logged in for god's sake

I gave myself years to really get the hang of this garbage and now I'm sure it's really garbage:

Systemd sucks. I am unclear what problem they were solving. Sure, the init system was archaic, but the need to replace it was not so pressing that we needed to turn to just any port in a storm!

I like unit files, but I'm sure a similar functionality could come from something less invasive or something better architected.

The ACLU has been doing great work on this front. However you feel about "toughness" on crime, we should all agree on an upper bound to punishments.


Observed: Captain Marvel was inches away from being awesome, but made a left turn at dull. Why pick such an awesome property and make it suck?

Larson's poor acting was only part of the problem. Danvers' origin story is a confused hodgepodge of modern empowerment tropes instead of a cohesive story line. Were the writers even trying? I look forward to whenever they reboot Marvel with good writers and a decent actor.

Marvel deserves better.
The music was great, though!

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Just finished Count Zero by William Gibson. Yowza, the worlds he built. You really feel the high-tech, low-quality-of-life desperation. The plot and delivery are often unclear, but that just adds to the feel that you're lost in a world that's too big to understand.

I really liked it.

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