Lo sai che è possibile cuocere la pasta con successo anche dopo aver spento il gas una volta aver portato l'acqua ad ebollizione?

Prova anche tu e vedrai che questo trucco funziona davvero!

Se tutte le persone che preparano la pasta fossero consapevoli di questo trucco sarebbe possibile evitare l'emissione di una significativa quantità di anidride carbonica nell'atmosfera...


There are 10 types of people:

- Those who understand binary numbers
- Those who don't understand binary numbers
- Those who didn't expect a joke about ternary numbers


I have yet another good reason for not eating too much food and keep dieting. I have to stay at home and rely on my food stockpile as long as possible instead of going to the supermarket. I really don't want to be infected by coronavirus or infect other people, especially if more vulnerable than me (like my parents). I would never forgive myself if someone died due to my stupid overeating problem...

If you have a Gentoo Linux system and you want to know which packages still exclusively depend on Python 2.7, you can run the following command:

eix --only-names --installed-with-use "python_targets_python2*" --and --not --installed-with-use "python_targets_python3*"

I finally managed to remove Python 2.7 from my Gentoo Linux system. I simply had to disable the "python" USE flag for some packages and rebuild them.

I just donated 25 euros worth of bitcoins to the developers of Magit, an interface to the version control system Git implemented as an Emacs package:


Magit is extremely useful to me, and I use it every single day in order to manage my orgmode documents, my ledger documents, and my dotfiles.

Thank you for having created Magit! 😀

I just discovered a patch for building the Linux kernel with the -march=native GCC option:


I already have been using this option with all my Gentoo packages without any problems so far.

The only missing component was the kernel.

I hate when I receive junk mail from stores trying to sell me huge amounts of Christmas crap... well over two months in advance!

But at least most junk mail can be reused as free packing material!

Don't drink milk in order to keep your bones strong. Have you ever wondered what cows drink in order to keep their bones strong?

Stop drinking milk!

Sucking from the tit of a cow is unnatural unless you are a calf. Since you are reading this, I'm willing to bet that you walk upright on two legs at the very least. Thus you are not a calf.

One of the things I would like #FSF to change is to stop using the non-derivatives licenses on their web pages. I think there is no reason for "works of opinion" to not be #free_culture, as licenses like #CreativeCommons cc by-sa already require attribution and prohibit misrepresenton. No need to extend RMS's personal licensing preference to everthing FSF publishes.

In Italy hunting is forbidden on Tuesday and Friday during the open season.

Today is Friday, and I enjoyed going jogging in the countryside without the risk of being shot by hunters.

But it would be much better if hunting was abolished, and people like me (as well as all non-human animals) could peacefully enjoy the countryside all year round...

How to save animals and lose weight at the same time: distribute vegan leaflets by hand into mailboxes! 😀

Today I finally finished distributing 500 vegan leaflets with an invitation to stop eating chickens and other animals.

I currently have 315 electronic documents in my collection, including books, reports, papers, etc. I want to read them all. Unfortunately I keep buying new books faster than I read them... So today I'm starting a personal no spend challenge (for books only) until I finish processing at least 90% of my collection. Wish me luck! 😀

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