I currently have 315 electronic documents in my collection, including books, reports, papers, etc. I want to read them all. Unfortunately I keep buying new books faster than I read them... So today I'm starting a personal no spend challenge (for books only) until I finish processing at least 90% of my collection. Wish me luck! 😀

@gentoo I think #Gentoo and #ArchLinux have really pushed the documentation aspect of real-world needs and fixes to new heights. Both wikis are fantastic places to find relevant information on a huge variety of topics.

As an aspiring #minimalist, I find it difficult to reconcile my desire to own less #stuff with my my #moral objections to #DRM. I don’t want to own shelves full of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, etc. yet I want the #convenience of consuming #media in #digital and #streaming formats on any device without the risk of #Amazon, #Apple, etc. or the #copyright owners deciding one day to remove access to content I’ve “purchased” in their #ecosystems. I hate #clutter, but I also hate #dependence.

Suppose you want to write an ISO image file to an USB flash drive.

Are the following commands equivalent?

dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdx
cp image.iso /dev/sdx


Interview with Aral Balkan about creating sustainable alternatives to surveillance capitalism:


I'm thinking about deleting my Reddit account because I don't agree with some important choices made by its developers:

1) I don't like infinite scrolling when looking for old posts;
2) I don't like that Reddit is no longer free software;
3) I don't like I can't turn off JavaScript without breaking something.

I just finished reading a nice online book called "Keep Simplifying" by John December:


It contains many useful ideas for reducing clutter, complexity, and costs in your life.

Today I deleted several other accounts I don't need anymore:

Voat, Dropbox, Goodreads, Google, LibraryThing, Microsoft, Quora.

A lot of shit, I know... Please don't judge my younger self! 😀

I'll remove many other accounts in the next days.

A photo of the 30 Doradus nebula, 170,000 light years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite galaxy of the Milky Way.


I just requested my Facebook and Twitter accounts to be deleted. Now I need to wait 30 days for the process to complete. I'm going to delete other useless accounts in the next days...

Sea-Watch captain Carola Rackete is a brave woman. She brought 40 migrant survivors to safety against all adversities.

On the other hand I'm deeply ashamed of the words and actions of Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini, which represents the inhumane and racist part of my country.

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