The type of guy who jumps into an IRC channel to tell people their project has useless documentation, gets upset that people thinks that's not very nice behavior, then drops into random other project's channel to gripe about it and starts insulting people when nobody responds.
What European languages other than Swedish don't call the Milky Way some variant of Milky Way?

In Swedish it's "[Winter Street]", while the other Scandinavians follow the milk pattern.

Finnish says "Linnunrata" and that has neither "maito" (milk) nor "talvi" (winter), what does it mean? Estonian has a similar word too.
> President Vladimir Putin uses J K Rowling as an example of Western cynicism and "cancel culture", which he says is currently being aimed at Russia.

Harry Potter and the war criminal of mariupol

Hacked a bit on our #haskell password manager `passveil`. Using it for over a year made me want a couple of things 😺

You laughed at the metaverse shopping, but I was buying groceries for the covid friend and it was basically her navigating me around the store, sending pictures and video clips of the shelves, adding what she wanted into the basket

Common folks doing statistics is like common folks doing programming.
Garbage in—garbage out.

I thought is crazy, but I’ve invested time (cuz it works on Wayland too (I’m still on Xorg)) to read docs, configure it, and is fracking brilliant.

My neighbors have 5 cats but during last two weeks I caught 19 rodents.
So if you feed cats they will do shit to catch more difficult food. Lazy bastards.

LOL, there’s no elisp UI for . I guess Emacs folks still use FTP.

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French vacuum cooked chestnuts considered hamrful.
It’s a biological weapon of mass distastefulness.

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