Red Hat and Canonical should just build their own OS from scratch instead of slowly mutating Linux into whatever it is they're trying to turn it into.

Whoa, Masto has time based mute now. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.


This is not a series I ever hoped to complete but the following are before & after images of giant ancient cedars cut in the #Caycuse watershed in Ditidaht territory on southern Vancouver Island. this is happening with your approval! More:


So ,@unfa promoted a proprietary synth on “an annual event in Cologne, Germany about music production with *free and open source software*”
Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
Actually not cool at all.

> powstać

Czech povstat doesn't have the "being built/developed" meaning, so this implies some sort of an epic uprising

> drapacze chmur

literal skyscraper, which is also used in Czech as "mrakodrap", chmura in general Czech however lost the "cloud" meaning, it only is used as in "depressing thought"
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speaking of which, can we call "cloud software" "pochmurný software" in Czech?

Checking sources from time to time is the best reminder that most stuff reported on social media is, at best, distorted misinterpretation.

The dedication of some #TheExpanse fans is truly baffling. I really like "Belter Creole" but this guy really takes things to the next level 😺

Wasn’t Google Wave just Slack but introduced too soon?

is required to view these results or log-in to Phoronix Premium.”

LOL, that’s an extortion.

“Explaining research to the general public requires thinking about it differently, and then finding ways to phrase it differently so that it is understandable to someone without all the years of training that come before mathematical research. It’s even harder to do while giving an idea of the content and without “cheating” too much on what is really going on.”

so, monads are like nachos, and they compose, we can eat multiple nachos one after another.

Surfingkeys is fine.
But I miss (best browsing experience I had in my life).

So I’m phase‑shifting from my custom keychorded Emacs back into (e)vi(l) plus I’m using Colemak‑DH.

🎶 I’m a mess, I’m a loser,
I'm a Vim in Emacs user
— Bebe Rexha

we have proportional width fonts now, so why not a computer keyboard with proportional width keys. thanks

when I was just learning english my english teacher had corrected me like one thousand times because I said "czechia" (the name of the country in my native language) instead of "czech republic". then when I learned english on a decent level and finally got used to saying czech republic, they start an effort to make people say czechia. nope, too late, I will continue to say czech republic until the end of my life out of spite
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