in the future, basically all websites will be full of unblockable ads and/or implemented entirely in ultra-fucked webassembly/opengl, and the tech-savvy will browse the web entirely through cat & mouse proxy servers running headless browsers to OCR the inaccessible content back into old-fashioned normal HTML and illegally redistribute it through peer-to-peer networks

When something is literally open source it’s not open source.

Thx ESR,
your brilliance is boundless.

Naomi Wildman, sub-unit of Ensign Samantha Wildman, state your intentions.

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned.
My last Emacs config modification was months ago. I even aliased the commend ‘cuz I don’t remember it anymore.

tangleemacs() {
emacs -Q --batch --eval "(require 'org)" --eval "(org-babel-tangle-file \"~/fa/rps-fast/emacs/orgemacs/\" \"~/fa/rps-fast/emacs/orgemacs/.emacs\" \"emacs-lisp\")"

I firmly resolve, with the help of elisp, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my config at least weekly. Amen.

MT3 Serika is on the way.
Yes a year a go I spent ~100$ for keycaps with Typist mode so it’s a MT3 profiled set and works with Dvorak, Colemak(-DH).

Now I need to build Atreus for under 20$ to fit into the budget. xD

The best argument against sourcehut is its creator.

I hope we were already past Let’s Tolerate Rude Person times. Apparently Not.

So now I need to rewatch Voyager again but in 4k? I’m Borg. I will adapt.

“Star Trek Voyager 4k AI machine learning clip”

Maybe Artificial Idiots are not so bad for some very specific tasks.

As an excellent Haskell programmer versed in category theory I tell you that exists a dual to covid called vid (and dual to coronavirus called ronavirus)—we just need to reverse the arrows.

I built this word clock for my wife a couple years ago but some of the connections had come loose and unreliable. finally found the time to open it up and fix it.

I requested Emergency Medical Holographic program multiple times but no one showed up.

[yelling] Mum! Holoemitters are broken again!

Me joking around about serious stuff.

Always looking on the bright side of life *whistles*

we couldn’t stop Despacito
what makes you think we can stop covid

Mass‑isolating and mass‑infecting young people is the fastest way to solve the crisis and gain herd immunity to protect elders.

Where’s my Nobel prize for the most counter‑intuitive idea in medicine?

Sometimes I just imagine covid is a plague send on USA to punish it for not switching away from *imperial* system.

I’m a very religious person.

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