I tried to use Mastodon a year ago and I think lasted 1 day so we'll see how this attempt goes. Probably better now that I'm not trying to run my own server...

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@fugi Dude, I hope that with more of us here, we can make it really fun.

I mean DRIL IS HERE NOW. I think things are starting to happen.

@beej @fugi Dude that Dril twot you borsted was from 2016, has he been here all along?

@Graham_LRR @fugi In all seriousness, I think he’s doing his greatest hits.

Which, to be fair, is not bad at all.

@beej Is there an android app for this yet? I also don't know if I have the energy to keep up... though I haven't really kept up with twitter in A WHILE

@beej @fugi On Android, Subway Tooter has the most granular controls and options, but it's not exactly pretty.
For a more polished, familiar feeling environment, Tusky makes a great daily driver for most people.

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