Danganronpa V3 trial 1 spoilers 

@LunarJade That really sucks. From the little I've been able to catch the new protagonist is far less interesting too :(

@beej If you have cards with effects when they enter the battlefield this seems good, but otherwise seems not great?

@glcls maybe they wanted to be really clear that you insert them all before tightening a single one? still rather odd though

@tootapp Heya I'm a professional go programmer and can take a look tonight :) What is reasonably priced for you ($20/mo? $5? $1?) and how many requests a second does it get?

@beej Is there an android app for this yet? I also don't know if I have the energy to keep up... though I haven't really kept up with twitter in A WHILE

@beej If you want to do shitposting on mastodon I think an alt account is still a fine way to do it, HOWEVER there is also the "content warning" flag so maybe that could suffice? Not sure what the multi-account story is here yet

I tried to use Mastodon a year ago and I think lasted 1 day so we'll see how this attempt goes. Probably better now that I'm not trying to run my own server...


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