pLeAsE dOn'T wRiTe yOuR pOsTs LiKe tHiS. it's ableist. It originated in a meme making fun of autistic people, or people with irregular speach patterns in general.

Just stop linking bigotry to physical features, physical or mental health in general. Don't be an Ableist.

@funnypanja :thinking_ms: I'm thinking back to something now... It'll make sense later.

@funnypanja I didn't know about the origin, but as a dislexic person, this is so hard to read, same with the text with emoji between every words

@funnypanja also, on a more down-to-earth note, I suspect it doesn't work very well with screen readers
@funnypanja OK, I would think it would cause them trouble but apparently not

@funnypanja Interesting. Any sources for that history? I've been seeing it for 25+ years and it's the first time I've heard that origin story.

@downey and? Most people who use it around here where introdusted to it through this context.

@funnypanja I understand this, and I agree with you 100%, but if people keep doing it (and they're going to keep doing it, just hopefully not here) I'm going to choose to believe it's a Homestuck reference.

@funnypanja nitpicking: the usage of predates memes, at least according to wikipedia.

It's unfortunate that its meaning has shifted in social media. Linking of bigotry to mental or physical aspects is unacceptable, thanks for bringing attention to this.

@merelysounds that doesn't f'ing matter. The vast majority of people use it in that context. So that's how this current wave of usage came from.

You're welcome.

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