:gimp: For those who missed the news, #GIMP got forked big time: 

#Glimpse is the rebranded version. It will also bring changes in other areas of the program (while staying based on GIMP as it evolves of course)
I wish it didn't come to this but I'm game for switching.

@funnypanja as you can see in their latest blog post
they plan to release the first version in september.
You can always compile the pre-release version from the source code on their github though. Personally I'll wait for the release. Unless you need it for serious reasons (e.g school project) there's no rush for trying it.

@funnypanja it's not that difficult. I could help you do it if you need, but only if you have a good reason to need it because it will take me some time to first do it right myself.

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