Hi everyone, I'm relocating from @futzle to aus.social where my username is @futzle. The migration "should" be invisible to followers.

Melbourne weather 

So sprinter is done and sprummer is here.

What if, and stick with me here, from October to March, all businesses opened an hour earlier, and closed an hour earlier, and TV stations did the same with their broadcasts, and public transport did the same with their timetables…

… and we leave the damn clocks alone?

Nice try, social engineering email, impersonating my boss asking for money to be transferred ASAP to your account for this bogus invoice.

My _real_ boss would never send an email. He’d phone me. :/

2020, events of the last few hours 

*Sends scriptwriters for 2020 back to their room*

🎵 Columns to the left of me
Columns to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle with you 🎵

a general reminder for halloween month 

Halloween is not a free pass to post gross pictures of blood and guts and gore things, remember to CW your posts and be thoughtful of others who do not find that kind of material pleasant

Thank you :)

Mercury is a new Mastodon app for iPhones. You can follow at:

➡️ @mercury

It's available on the App Store, and the official site is at onmercury.app

It has some interesting features like being able to save hashtags, and apparently it is also particularly good for accessibility 👍

(Thank you to @weirdwriter for the recommendation!)

#Mercury #iPhone #iOS #Mastodon #App #Apps #Accessibility #A11y #Apple

I dedicate this cat photo to anyone who has worked with, or been, a professional baby photographer.

I realized that my third child seldom gets his photos shared online, so here is a gratuitous cat pic.

草 is the Japanese character meaning "grass" but online it's slang for "LOL". The Japanese verb "to laugh" is 笑う(warau) which would be abbreviated online as "w" which, when repeated for emphasis (wwwwww), looks kinda like grass, so 草 started being used to represent laughter online as well.

I’m at work today and so is the cleaner. He wanted to vacuum my office so I left for the conference room. Then he wanted to vacuum the conference room so I relocated to another empty office. Two minutes later, the cleaner wants to vacuum the empty office…

I have never felt more like my dog when her human does the vacuuming.

The cat showed me a possum she found this morning. She was meowing loudly and keeping about a metre away. Smart cat; the possum is as big as she is.

The possum has a baby on her back too.

The poor mother possum was frozen in fear so I brought the cat indoors and waited for the possums to move on.

celebrity arseholes (in general) 

Never meet your heroes.

Or, the contrapositive equivalent: if you want to make a hero of someone, always meet them first.

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