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I toot a serialized , featuring my two dog princesses Lily and Charlie and their cat-sister Sophie, to lull them to sleep each night.

so, i'm working on an assignment on the history of trans women in tech.

the problem is that actually *searching* for names of trans women who have worked, historically, in tech so that i can look into them is proving to be difficult, never mind trans PoC.

so uhh, can anyone point me in the right direction or give me leads? i'm going to be doing quite a bit of my own research later.

Grey’s Anatomy: a hospital staffed solely by surgeons, spending hundreds of millions of its own money on biomedical research, where dozens of employees have died over the past fifteen years. Somehow not a gothic horror.

This clover patch is very lucky. There’s even a five-leaf one in there.

My favorite passive aggressive thing to do with co-workers is after they ask for the same email for the third fucking time I simply attach both previous emails to the new email and tell them to check the attachments.

Thought of the TV series Time Team for the first time in years yesterday and couldn’t recall how the theme music went. Woke up this morning humming it, in the correct key. The only explanation is that I am a sleepgoogler.

Do you speak #arabic, #persian, #hebrew, #urdu, or any right-to-left language? Librsvg needs help to find test cases for those languages, and people who can tell us what the correct behavior is.

Boosts appreciated!

following non-tech people is so confusing. couple definitions for those of you who also follow non-tech people:

- library: a place that has books you can borrow
- queue: a line for something
- pandas: fuzzy bears
- graph: a chart
- python: snake
- heap: a pile of things

Autocorrect capitalized the S in the song title "New York State of mind". Until now I never realized the deliberate syntax tree ambiguity of ((New York State) of mind) vs ((New York) (state of mind)). Hats off, Billy Joel.

I’m painting doors in the garage, horizontally on top of sawhorses. It was going well until today when the cat decided to help.

let it be known that blini cat has opinions on other foods as well.

also an opinion on no food

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