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I toot a serialized , featuring my two dog princesses Lily and Charlie and their cat-sister Sophie, to lull them to sleep each night.

On the struggle to preserve Elfdalian, an Old Norse-derived language spoken in a remote part of Sweden, and until now mischaracterised as a dialect of Swedish:

Intuition: Elfdalian is to Swedish somewhat as how Icelandic/Faroese are to Norwegian

@futzle Notice: Complex waste must be separated into its Real and Imaginary components prior to disposal. Please use the Taupe and Eggshell bins appropriately.

These are my top picks for games being released at Essen Spiel this year.

10. The Castles of Burgundy (2019 edition)
9. Marco Polo 2
8. Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas
7. Terramara
6. Cooper Island

Please remember to separate your recycling into the provided six bins:
• Paper
• Wood
• Aluminium or Tin
• Glass or Crystal
• Silk (traditional) or Pearls (modern)
• Diamond (*collected only after 60 years)

Paul slowly put his hand in the box. “What’s in the box?”


Sysadmin rant 

Sysadmin rant 

TGIF, mainly because I can get quality sysadmining work done on the weekend without those pesky users getting in the way with their damn printers and Outlook bugs.

I just handed my Nintendo Switch to Mum with Untitled Goose Game loaded. Will I ever get my Switch back?

My dog Lily loves it when there’s a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. She selflessly wakes me up to make sure I’m not missing it. What a darling.

neural net generated this one and i'm super proud of my illustration.

gotta figure out how to use this as often as possible

If your avi shares the same colour pallete with someone else I will endlessly confuse the two of you I'm sorry.

Link: Uncanny portraits of cats crafted with realistic glass eyes and felted wool 

Have you heard of this game where you play as a horrible goose that wreaks mischief on the mild-mannered inhabitants of a small English village?

This neural net certainly hadn't.

Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

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