food, lockdown 

The Indian grocery store is starting to run out of frozen samosas and naan. It must be damn near impossible for them to get more stock from India.

I guess I know what my next lockdown homemade food skill will be.

Something that has long bothered me about Dune is that the whole story takes place on Arrakis near the poles, yet everyone goes about their 12-hours-daylight-12-hours-nighttime lives as if they lived in the tropics.

I’m glad I’m not the only person who has issues with the geography of Dune.

binder question (via my roommate) 

my roommate is trying to buy their first binder!

they are a plus-sized person with a large chest, and are trying to decide whether to buy a full-tank or a half-tank binder

they don't know too many folks who bind and the ones they do know are skinny, so if any plus-sized folks on here who bind have any tips, they would greatly appreciate it!


Ten more classes in my data model today, including such gems as DryableWeighedProduct, ExpandablePolystyreneMouldingMachine, and CountedBillOfMaterialsComponent. Shoot me.

I believed the hype that “only hummingbirds can hover” all my life. It goes to explain a vivid memory I have from my childhood in the Dandenong Ranges, where I was sure I saw a hummingbird hover at a correa flower through the window. It threw me to discover that hummingbirds are new-world only. Now I know it was probably a hovering spinebill.

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New visitor to the garden: an eastern spinebill, a small honeyeater native to the region. It was hovering at the lone flower my callistemon was showing. Beautiful little bird!

food, meat 

Last night’s takeaway barbecue chicken becomes tonight’s chicken soup. Really getting into this frugal living thing.

UK people, please join me in signing this petition asking the government to keep gender transition treatments legal for trans kids!

Melbourne lockdown, language nerdery 

Six weeks is more like quaranta-due-tine, amirite?

TV series pitch (contains virus reference and irony) 

A groundbreaking series about a novel virus that decimates the adult population but leaves children relatively unscathed. Society ignores the experts and runs headlong into disarray and anarchy. Supply chains are broken and looting is rife. Local militias become the dominant form of government.

No one has done this before, have they?


TIL while trying to use Microsoft Remote Assistance to remotely assist a user that it has been broken since Windows version 1903.

Who tests Microsoft releases? (Rhetorical questions, I know the answer is me.)

Melbourne, lockdown 

TBH I’m not going to notice too much. I’ve been living at Stage 3 anyway [because I can; I’m aware of my privilege] since March. What’s another six weeks?

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Melbourne, lockdown 

Welcome to the Long July.

It’s a bit worrying that there’s a naked-eye comet visible this month. Like, what could we possibly need a portent for _now_?

poll for colorblind/colordeficient people 

do people "test" your inability to see color often? for example, when you tell someone you are colorblind, do they point to the nearest [thing of a color you cannot identify] and ask you what color it is?

You can look at the Google IPv6 usage graph and really tell when everyone started working from home and using their personal accounts, which are typically much more IPv6-ready.

Mum gave me this set of eensy weensy measuring spoons and now I don’t know if she thinks I operate a meth lab or something.

We used to say "I'm bitter about—"

Now we say "I'm salty about—"

Next: "I'm umami about—"

Terraforming Mars boardgame 

It has been a weekend of terraforming, and it has been a weekend of stealing endgame awards that the other player paid to fund. Tensions are high.


Threw together this basic no-knead loaf last night, left in the fridge overnight and baked this morning.

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