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I toot a serialized , featuring my two dog princesses Lily and Charlie and their cat-sister Sophie, to lull them to sleep each night.

It’s full moon, which brings out the possums, which brings out Dog Princess Charlie’s haunting night-time rendition of Barking at Possums. Now with new dance moves!

Victoria politics rant 

Library folk, a question/request...

I'm looking for some of those old-fashioned library book slips. The older the better. Unused would be awesome.

Got any just hanging around that you'd like to declutter from your life? HMU.

“Is it [weird] how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how [weird] it is?”

Actually I would definitely watch a remake of A Goofy Movie.

Live-action Disney remakes not yet announced:
• Home on the Range
• Victory Through Air Power
• A Goofy Movie

But give them time.

Tech rant 

Tech rant 

Toilet humour 

@acb Testing the Share feature of Tusky. Seems to be aware of multiple accounts too (but I only have one).

I’m home, wearing new pajamas and cuddling my dog princesses, who haven’t seen me for _days_*.

* 18 hours

I bought pajamas at the airport.
I do not know why there is a pajama shop at the airport. For people like me I guess.

I’m done but my flight home isn’t for five more hours.

Hurrah, a day trip to Sydney tomorrow. Airports and factories all day.

Insignificant spoilers for movie _I Am Mother_ 

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