Lies in IT:
• Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
• Trivial File Transfer Protocol
• Portable Document Format

• Simple Object Access Protocol
• Secure Socket Layer
• ⁠Wi-Fi Easy Connect

@futzle Ha! You're not wrong! Although there was a time I could SMTP using a telnet client, a fairly useless party trick, but handy for debugging Postfix.

@futzle Oh the PROTOCOL for SMTP is simple. It's the implementation of the servers that provide that protocol that sucks. *cough*sendmail*cough*

@dadegroot I would agree if it was the Simplistic Mail Transfer Protocol. Small arbitrary line length limits. Unspecified behaviour WRT non-ASCII encodings. No standard port number for submission. I have Opinions about SMTP. Also about sendmail.

@futzle As an ex-firewall engineer, any protocol I can telnet to its known port and initiate commands myself, is usually ok by me.

* of course as a user of said systems, in the modern world, this is of course "very bad".

@futzle Simple Object Access Protocol!

(actually, I can't think of any protocol with “simple” in their name that are)

@valhalla @futzle Same could be said about any country with Democratic, or Socialist in their names.

@futzle there is probably a reason why the canonical name since version 1.2 is now "SOAP" and no longer "Simple" Object Access Protocol ;)

@futzle Anything with "Fast", "Easy", "Simple", "Scalable", "Extensible" or "Open" in the name is probably not.

- Simple Network Management Protocol
- Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

@futzle Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Simple Network Management Protocol

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