Please recommend me a sturdy child-proof Android tablet.

It’s not for children, it’s for our employees on the factory floor, who—despite having no trouble moving half-ton moulding tools around—will drop a tablet onto concrete on the first day.

The only app I need is a web browser. If I can lock the device to only web browsing, even better.

I am in Australia. Boosts welcome.

Hi, sorry my toot won't be much help. The company I work for bought cheap ones from Amazon, they have thick rubber covers. AFAIK they haven't been put to the test yet. I think they're planning to secure them to stands so they don't get moved around.

@futzle What sort of size are you after? Have you looked at devices like the Zebra industrial things? I know they're not cheap, just trying to gauge requirements - also interested in what answers you get for similar reasons to you asking! 😉

@cefiar A5 screen or bigger; the factory workers need big text and big targets to poke with their big fingers. (These are the same workers who can hit an M3 screw with a driver first time.)

I’ll take a look at the Zebra offerings. That brand isn’t cheap but they have a reputation for ruggedness.

@futzle Yeah. The other thing of note is their extra care options, which cover things like damage due to drops and the like. They're not cheap, but they do work and if you've got a stiff business requirement, they might be the ticket. Of course, YMMV - It can be cheaper just to buy more cheap devices and keep a spare pool.

@futzle old Thinkpad or Dell xrs. The best with a solid state drive. Going for a good price too. Also they have the fully convertible models at a good price.

@khaos That’s OK, it doesn’t _have_ to be Android. I just need a web browser to access the company portal. Thanks for the link!

@futzle definitely not the advice you’re looking for but i think the factory workers really don’t need any more of that high tech dancing pixie bullshit on their list of responsibilities, especially if those tablets are filling a gap left by past layoffs.

@mia No layoffs at our business. (We are doing OK in CovidWorld because we make packaging for medical supplies.) Sometimes a customer gets a bad batch of our product and we need to be able to trace the whole production back to a specific bag of raw material for ISO quality accreditation. That’s what the system we are putting in place does.

@futzle ah, i see. when my grandmother worked at b. braun HQ, they used clipboards for that.

@futzle Maybe a tough-case on a regular tablet? You can get ones that also hang from a harness on the chest, making dropping pretty much impossible.

@futzle childproofing is aftermarket; we have a nice bright orange foam case on our kid's Fire tablet and it gets slammed into shit all the time. They cost about $20. Much cheaper than ruggedized hardware which is hard to upgrade or replace.

@futzle Wish I could, but most of our customers are using iPads, usually with some sort of ruggedized case attached.

(I've also seen a few instances where they actually used iPads mounted to panels in place of traditional HMIs, but that's not a very mobile solution.)

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