Trying to teach myself to crochet. I completely understand how a chain stitch is supposed to work, but the whole thing with pulling the hook back through the loop just doesn't work for me.

@stibbons With me the issue was that the hook would grab the chain it was pushed through, splitting the yarn. Solution? Much looser tension. Twist hook as you pull it through so it is pointed at the base of the chain instead of the side. Use better yarn.

@futzle Sames. It's probably my tension. I'm a super tight knitter, too.

@stibbons This is a red flag. Since you’re doing a practice swatch, practise making a really sloppy (by your standards) opening chain. It’s hard to undertension crochet IMO.

@futzle I'm getting close to the tension that's expected, and yikes this is really really loose. More practice to get comfortable with it, I guess.

@stibbons If it’s any consolation, the more of your work you get to hang onto, the easier it is to work with. I always find that first slip knot infuriating, and the foundation chain not much better.

@futzle heh, I've found that with knitting, too. Already given up for the night, but tomorrow maybe I'll make some progress on a test square.
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