Hi everyone, I'm relocating from @futzle to aus.social where my username is @futzle. The migration "should" be invisible to followers.

@twiddlekins [Deleted and rewritten to remove egregious and embarrassing typo] How careless of you. (Seriously, new cameras are great.)

Melbourne weather 

@acb Yeah, here is Melbourne Museum’s version of it: museumsvictoria.com.au/melbour (scroll to Climate).

Melbourne weather 

So sprinter is done and sprummer is here.

@ticky @projectgus @zensaiyuki I was just tagging in someone who has an interest in small-palette imaging.

@TQ Real analogue synthesizers are expensive, especially if you want polyphony. I’ve dabbled with the emulated MS-20 and Polysix that comes with my Korg Kronos. There are also iPad and PC/Mac implementations that are more featured than the physical versions they emulate. MS-20 is very basic which is nice because you can build a sound literally from first principles. Polysix is a mite limited and IMO best at making pads and backing tracks.

What if, and stick with me here, from October to March, all businesses opened an hour earlier, and closed an hour earlier, and TV stations did the same with their broadcasts, and public transport did the same with their timetables…

… and we leave the damn clocks alone?

@Nikolai_Kingsley He’d definitely want a supplier to be paid ASAP so that they’ll ship the thing he ordered, yes.

Nice try, social engineering email, impersonating my boss asking for money to be transferred ASAP to your account for this bogus invoice.

My _real_ boss would never send an email. He’d phone me. :/

@cefiar@social.chinwag.org You and every bird within 2 km.

2020, events of the last few hours 

*Sends scriptwriters for 2020 back to their room*

🎵 Columns to the left of me
Columns to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle with you 🎵

@stibbons @matt Really? If I’d guessed I would have said it couldn’t have possibly been any later than the 190th of March. How time flies!

@matt I will not be changing my avatar because everyone knows it’s still some time in July right now.

@stibbons If it’s any consolation, the more of your work you get to hang onto, the easier it is to work with. I always find that first slip knot infuriating, and the foundation chain not much better.

@stibbons This is a red flag. Since you’re doing a practice swatch, practise making a really sloppy (by your standards) opening chain. It’s hard to undertension crochet IMO.

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