ah yes. nobody uses mastodon anymore. yeah yeah i get that

i actually lowkey moved somewhere that makes me more comfortable but huhu

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hi im never active here anymore for the dumbest reason ever nd im sorry

ok ill ramble abt fugio on @joestar@crazynoisybizarre.town ;)


another vent bc i never shut the fuck up/self harm + recovery 

ANYWAYS! im just extremely happy that im clean for about 2-3 months now??? i havent cut since i shaved my head and i used to cut on a daily and tbh... im just so happy with my progress

vent + disordered eating + recovery 

im so happy im finally able to un-black list tags such as "food" and "desserts" which finally shows my recovery related to my ed!!! im rly happy with myself tbh

important / coming out 

so uh, gentlemen. im a gay trans man and ive been stealth this whole time!! its still hard for me to come into terms with this whole mess so thats why id rather come out slowly

please help im a small creacher and i forgot how to download shimejis

everytime onision says anything i literally feel my brain burn

more fugio stuff 

fugo has the tendency to praise giorno a lot and references old timey romances or religion related stuff (like calling giorno a son of a god or smth) , its kinda awkward at first but its sweet nonetheless (ALSO I DONT MEAN THE PRAISING IN A CREEPY WAY JUST LIKE....IN SWEET KIND WAY....)

fugio rambling that no one gives a shit abt 

OK hear me out. fugo and giorno have a relationship really based on trust and its really wholesome when u think about it. giorno prolly knows that fugo wont cause harm to him and fugo allows giorno to get physically close to him and they just.HELP!!! EACH OTHER!! COPE WITH TRAUMA!!!!

*clenches my baby fists* i cant wait to go mental over vento aureo

bro fuck this shit ill do day 1 and day 2 in the same day fuck you

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GOD i really want to participate in the fugio week bc i promised myself i wouldnt miss anymore of these weeks but look at me. missed day 1 and having an art style crisis

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