dang, my head has been full of things lately so i feel like dissociating off twitter and go do something else.

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welp, gonna save until the 5th day recess time for now.

i wanna draw stuff.

shirou, what do you think her gender was before you touch her?πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

bad ending 2 get. illya really likes to play around with shirou's head, dangit.

i'm skipping bad ending 1 since i've already gotten it during my first playthru, y'know just to mess around XD

plus, spoilers and NSFW content will be put under the content warning filter so rest assured!

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btw this gonna be a thread so that it wont get lost in the sea of toots in your TL.

also, I'll be skipping some story parts esp. in Fate and HF route.

okay, tonight I'll be replaying fate/stay night just to unlock some of the bad endings.

I call this gameplay 'Ren plays Fate/stay night NG+: Ren messes things up'

also, here are some things to point out:

for Fate route, I'll be turning off the NSFW mode, while UBW and HF I will turn on NSFW mode, so be warned if you're under 18!

funny that i live in brunei but my since my old vpn service were connected to australia, my spotify acc now registered my country as the latter.

now i can jam in music here bcos spotify is region-locked here in brunei

didn't feel like playing fgo today bcos i have to fight over wifi with my laptop and everyone in the house are using it.

also, hopefully if my co-interns aren't taking me out for lunch i'm gonna continue watching FMA here.

finally picking up my brother's 2ds again to play persona q.

also, my 3ds game library is so limited, and i really need to buy more 3ds games.

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