Wrote python script for bleeding cards, and generating pdf for print. Today my printed cards arrived <3

It is always the same - when need some new podcast episode, there's none. On the other hand, when you have plenty of fresh content, there arrive even moar.

We have the new Polish Netrunner champion. Congrats to Matuszczak!

Be warned - the link content is time consuming (like hell). And thus said: openseadragon.github.io/opense

Incredibly awesome! My fav is Paraguay <3

Democracy seems overrated at times like this.

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RT @Dorling83@twitter.com
'16 year old Greta Thunberg is too young to make her own mind up and has been groomed' scream people who said that Shamima Begum knew at 15 exactly what she was doing and should be treated as an adult.

Weird, almost like they have an agenda.

I've been hit yesterday with blast from the past: youtube.com/watch?v=I5sJhSNUkw - still roxx, after all the years. Smashing repeat button.

One of the best covers ever is... Turn the page by Metallica(ts). Just gotta love it!

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I recently got into #netrunner again, spending hours making decks, buying-up my brother's cards from him.

Somebody stop me (nobody stop me).

NISEI World Championships in Netrunner have ended, and we have a new champion. Congratulations /Pinsel/ !

Despite the fact that ruling party in Poland call themselves 'Law & Justice' - they are far from it. Hope for change dies last, elections in two weeks.

PS. How is your country doing?

Watched AdAstra yesterday. It was real Per aspera. Started with a boom, like I mean it - opening sequence is great, visiting moon later on as well. But the further we go from there, the worse it is. Full of non-sense, logic loopholes, pretending to be sci-fi. And I was so hyped.

Netflix, Brooklyn Nine-nine season 5 landed last friday. Cool - cool - cool - cool!

From now on, I will NOT laugh, when I hear smone accidentally hit on glass door

Played last night, ended in bed @1:45 in the morning. My kid woke up @5:30. I regret nothing.

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Tigh is just hands down the best character on this show. What a badass. #BSG

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