Perfect moon. Where you get just the right amount of creepy gloomy look to it.

I wish password manager extensions could integrate into HTTP Basic auth popups.

okay Internet, I need your suggestions:

I have a static website that I can't modify, and I want to host it on some platform that I can tie to an arbitrary OpenID Connect provider so that only certain people can access it.

What's the easiest way to do this?

There's a chiptune event happening tonight that I kind of want to go to. But I still have a lingering cough, and even though I'm feeling better from the cold I've had the past week, it's bad form to show up anywhere with a cough, it's natural to think you're going to kill everyone in the room if you're sick these days.

Full day using the Anker Thunderbolt Dock with my Linux laptop and all has worked well! No freezing up like the OWC USB-c dock. So, success.

I'm trying a Anker Thunderbolt 3 dock instead of the OWC USB-c dock with my Linux laptop. So far so good, we'll see how it goes over time.


My friend once said: A lot of what looks “whoa how did you do that?!” comes down to “sat down and did all the 500 steps, one by one”.

Want to watch me slowly do steps one at a time? I'm trying to get back to streaming my work regularly. Live now working on making email servers radically easier to self-host!

I'll be sad the day the "Bird Cam" Owncast server goes away because the baby birds left the roof.

It's Tuesday night! That means we're hanging out over on for some live music.


on 7:30-10:30pm Pacific.

Virtual Private Piano Bar powered by and your boosts ❤️

I know in general it feels like most Linux people use desktops, but do any of you laptop Linux people use a USB-c dock? I've been having so many issues with my OWC dock where my Thinkpad just freezes up out of nowhere, after it working for an hour or two. Curious if anybody has any suggestions.

Did you know Owncast supports the Raspberry Pi for hardware accelerated video encoding?

Would you like to be involved in the Jnktn project in some way? Even if you don't fancy yourself in the line-up, there's various ways you can join in. We're on the lookout for those who can:

- Come up with ideas and suggestions for the project

- Help develop the website

- Lend a hand with our OBS production setup

- Create graphics, still or video, that we can incorporate into our broadcasts

DM us or send us an email (on profile) if interested. Don't be shy - we're a friendly bunch!

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