Tomorrow, 7pm (Pacific) I'll be live streaming a DJ set and I'd love for any of you who are around to drop by.

As I always do before a public release of , I get people together to hang out, listen to some music, and help test the software just by having a good time.

It's a ton of fun, and we get valuable feedback from you that we directly use to improve the live streaming experience. I'll bug you all about it again tomorrow :)

If retro computers were built today, when you turned them on you'd get a prompt where you would have to type Javascript.

Imagine trolling a GNU/Linux User Group meetup by showing up and unironically showing off your GNU HURD / Haiku/ ReactOS hybrid to everyone there.

"I compiled it with LLVM", you say smugly, "and all of the libraries are system32 reimplementations running on a translation layer for the Haiku desktop runtime. The CPU is an old Setun chip that I ordered from Russia. The whole thing runs on balanced ternary instead of binary. The body is an OG Xbox and a Sun SPARC computer that I welded together. There's an Amiga X1000 co-processor in there."

The head of the group glares at you. Veins are throbbing in his temples. Sweat is running down his brow.

"It also features a TempleOS emulator."

He blacks out. You have bested him. You push him out of his chair, and sit in it.

"This is my user group now," you announce sternly. The Linux users cower in fear as you fire up a TempleOS app.

"Oh, mighty Temple," you pray, voice booming fearsomely, "what shall we do next?"

Update: I caved and got a GoPro to do some streaming with. I've never used one previously, but it's nicer than I thought.

I'll be scheduling a live stream later this week and will use it for the first time. I'll keep you posted on date and time. We're inching closer to the next release of , so it's time to do some streaming!

#owncast looks like what I wanted to acheive with w0rmh0le Live, but with actual effort put it. I think I'll abandon what I've done and just implement owncast at some point.

is very impressive!! Just testing it out on a basic vps without s3 and have had perfect performance at medium video settings with a small number of folks connected.

I'm looking forward to testing it out with a larger group.

I haven't dug in yet but am hoping there is an easy way to turn off chat.

I may just try using the embedded option for that.

Thanks to everyone who has been working on that project!

Tomorrow the team will be getting together to chat and you're invited to join us! If you have any interest or curiosity around the project we'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you enjoy writing , have an interest in live streaming video on the web, or are just curious you should say hi! If you want to get involved in any capacity this is a great time to check in and see what we're up to.

Most listened to music in the past week:

4 Strings, Priest, UMEK, Adam Taylor, Alex, Alex Wright, Andy Kulter, Battles and Ben Ashley.

Does anybody have any suggestions on a reasonable setup for live streaming that has a really wide field of view? I see lots of people online streaming with wide setups, but I have no idea what they’re using. Maybe they all have super expensive cameras and specific lenses, but I was hoping to do something without having to go all out.

If anybody was curious of the inner workings of Rdio back in the day.

I'm so sick of everyone saying they've been waiting their entire lives for a pandemic so they don't have to be around people, and can work alone, and can isolate from society. It's not funny and it's not cute for you to spin this into something positive.

Most listened to music in the past week:

Strong Bad, Battles, Blue Stahli, Breaking Benjamin, Cliff Martinez, deadmau5, Moby, Mono Inc. and Pig.

I can't believe stuff like this is real. I only say "though leadership" as a joke.

Every marketing person when explaining their marketing approach: “We’re looking to really rely on organic growth.”

Every marketing person in execution:

The police wouldn't let the ambulance leave to the hospital, I guess because the injured man wasn't telling them what they wanted to hear. I really fear that he was trying to protect himself by not talking to the police. And maybe I should have done the same. Did I ruin this guy's life by opening the gate to my building? Should I not have called for help? Police aren't your friend, so I fear the worst for this guy. I hope he's ok.

Tonight I was in an accident with a bicyclist. I was opening the door to my building and he hit the door at a pretty fast speed. He didn't speak English, he was hurt pretty bad and couldn't stand, so I called 911. I was trying to be as helpful as I could so they could get him out of there and to the hospital. Police were looking for somebody to blame and said they were treating it as a traffic accident with him at fault since he was riding on the sidewalk.

So it seems like some CoWorking places are open in SF. Given how difficult I’ve found working from home, maybe it’s an option. But I know it’s irresponsible to be around others, and it’s putting myself at significant risk to go into an office right now. I could be putting my life at risk in order to be more productive at work if I did it.

My AppleTV remote stopped working. I just thought you'd want to know.

@gabek Some Senator really wanted to know about their “task tracking systems” at Facebook and Twitter. Zuck was talking about their internal tooling, and when Dorsey was asked if they used similar software he said they used Jira.

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