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I'm watching a video that was filmed in London, in a very public place, and I assumed it must have been recorded over a year ago because not a single person is wearing a mask. But it turns out it was recorded recently. So in general I'm very confused about the state of the world. Is everyone but the US fine and it's only us Americans who have to worry about dying every day?

Today @controlfreak is the guinea pig for my little side project, Vadeo. It's taking an internet radio station and turning it into video that can be streamed with . It's not perfect, but I'll work on it here and there as another way people can stream content.

Check out his tunes!

Out of curiosity, did any of you ever use the infrared port of a laptop for anything? There was a long time where every laptop had one, but I've never seen or even heard of anybody using it. I tried it once with my Handspring Visor, but it was so slow I never used it again.

happy #bandcamp friday verse. to kick things off, i'm rocking a massive broadcast with about 8 hours worth of original catalogue, mostly thumpers, weeded out most of the noise stuff. If you have the means be sure to support some bandcamp artists today for max impact as they will get 100% of the take.

say hay in the owncast chat if you like

#industrial #powernoise #ebm #synth #techno #mastoart #mastomusic #np #fediplay

It's that time again to find a job. I just replied to a recruiter's email saying I'm willing to get on a call with him. I feel so dirty. I know recruiters are people, too. But they're not on your side, they're just sales people trying to make the next sale.

Right now on his stream @nebunez is looking into learning a new programming language. Are you passionate about a specific language and want to make you case? Drop by!

@kylebronsdon Hey Kyle! If you have a chance, could you update your server to the most recent code off master? I'd love for you to give it a spin during your stream tomorrow night and get your feedback. Thanks!

Most listened to music in the past week:

Boris Brejcha, Bush, Cabaret Voltaire, Chevelle, Cirez D, Ferry Corsten, Green Day, Hatari and liebknecht.

That live performance by @luka and his team was so very cool. Multimedia + dance on a real stage. So impressed.

Just tuned in for the first ticketed, paid stream that I've seen. So cool! Really looking forward to this performance by @luka's crew!

controlfreak is now online playing Martin L. Gore - I Cast A Lonesome Shadow! tune in here now:

Tomorrow evening I'm doing a special online event - with our team we'll adapt my audio-visual lecture #performance "JITAKAMI v.2018" for #streaming. Please come by. Sunday, 28.02 @ 20:00CET. Ticket costs 5€, but if you cannot afford it, please DM me or two hours before the performance AT THE LATEST, please.




(feel free to boost this toot)

#ownCast #SuperCollider

@nebunez I’ll probably miss the beginning of your stream today. But I’ll get there!

Hey fedi, I've had a bad week. Fill this post with cutepost replies. Do your worst, and boost to the far corners of the fediverse.

Starting to play some tunes and enjoying some fun in 10min over at!

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