At the beginning of shelter-in-place there was a car on the street. Every week or so I’d notice it change a little. First, little things. Gas cap is gone, then windows broken. Stuff began to pile up in the seats. Things began to grow. Doors disappearing, tires gone. And now the front of the car is in the back seat. This has been fascinating to watch and I wish I documented it, but I had no idea it would lead to this.

Today, for the first time ever, I purchased options of a company I had previously worked at. My window closes tomorrow, so I bit the bullet and rolled the dice.

I recently put together a desk, originally for a place to put some DJ stuff and use for misc storage, but it’s become a really nice standing desk since I’ve started work again, too.

I remember not long ago the most important thing in the world was finding just the right reusable coffee cup to bring to coffee places. And then like a week later coffee places closed. Those that were open were no longer allowed to use refillable coffee cups. So I’m both using disposable cups AND I purchased a new cup. I’m failing at this carbon footprint thing.

Wanted to setup an instance of Owncast quick on a new server with SSL. Instead of going the Nginx route I thought I’d give Caddy a go for the first time. It’s great! So fast to setup, SSL out of the box, and can be completely managed via an API. I’ll be using this more often for sure, especially when I’m just looking for something to reverse proxy, this is a no-brainer.

Most listened to music in the past week:

Kite, Ohgr, Chromeo, MC Frontalot, Starcadian, Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, Depeche Mode and Die Krupps.

Instead of uploading all our information to silos like Facebook or Twitter, we should be able to host our own basic (meta)data like avatar, status updates or social connections in a standardized format.

You would then be able to grant services like Facebook or Twitter access to that data via a token, and you could control which service gets access to what kind of data.

Yes, I'm still dreaming of a semantic web.

Some Animal Crossing is happening at for Owncast testing if you want to watch some cartoon villagers.

I never knew this. If you embed YouTube videos and link to youtube-nocookie instead then it’ll disable the built-in trackers. Everyone should do this in your clients and auto-generated embeds.

I like the design trends of things getting bigger, bolder, and using up more space. I still think design should be more dense, but at least you can read things now. The style used to be make things as tiny and thin as possible and then leave everything as whitespace. I’m glad we’ve moved past that.

This is probably the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen when it comes to baseball.

If you ever told me I’d be watching “Best Animal Crossing Clips of the Week #6” I’d never believe you. But here we are.

Most listened to music in the past week:

System Syn, Depeche Mode, FCH, Ruined Conflict, AccroGeist, Blume, Cold Cave, Cubanate and Extize.

My girlfriend and I are experimenting with some live stream setup stuff right now. Tune into to follow along as she tweaks my live video and I setup some DJ stuff to play some tunes in a bit. This is mostly testing for Owncast, so join us in the fun!

I’m experimenting with a handful of iOS rtmp live broadcasting client apps and they’re all SO BAD. Full of ads and upsells. One even displays full screen ads during streaming any time you try to zoom. Just complete trash all around. Don’t make me build an Owncast broadcasting client for iOS.

Oh there’s a way to mark things as public so it’ll actually log it. That’s better. Still weird though.

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I’m so 1000% for privacy by default and for platforms enforcing it. But I feel like Apple’s new oslog functionality that redacts non-numeric values by default is a little much. If you log “Switched to category Browse” it’ll just log “Switched to category <private>”. Blah blah, I know make things an enum and log a rawValue int or something. But… still, a bit much.

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