It's been 0 days since there has been another Tuvix related thread on r/DaystromInstitute..

So this is what I think is happening with the app on the . They are not using Brightscript + Scenegraph, but instead using the super secret NDK that nobody has access to. With that they’re able to build a Javascript runtime that runs on Roku hardware, and use that with their custom UI rendering engine to treat it almost like a React Native type scenario.

I feel like I've had something in my eye for a couple days now. Just like an eyelash or something, but there's nothing there. WebMD said I had brain cancer. But it said the same thing for a stuffy nose, so I dunno.

While I’d love to see NIN get inducted into the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame, if Kraftwerk doesn’t get in then burn it all down.

A little bummed that Neil Patrick Harris is going to be joining the next Matrix movie. I’ve never taken him seriously in anything and I generally just think of him as “the guy that people on the internet won’t shut up about”.

Holy shit. Apple recreated the tvOS UI verbatim on the Roku for their AppleTV app. It’s really impressive. I never thought I’d see the day where the best Roku app is made by Apple. But every detail is replicated. Transitions, animations, the settings screen, etc. The most interesting part, if you go to the Legal acknowledgements for 3rd party code… it’s all Javascript. Roku can’t run Javascript. So either it’s a mistake, or something is afoot.

Thinking of building a CloudApp for NextCloud app. I pay for, and use CloudApp a ton on macOS just for sharing random files, but I’d rather only use NextCloud going forward. This app would just sit in your system tray, you drag files to it, it uploads to your NextCloud instance, and puts the URL in your clipboard. I’d also really like this for Linux. Does this exist for either platform already?

I keep looking for a way to block a company from showing up on my LinkedIn feed, but I've been unsuccessful. There's a single company that I have zero interest in, that a lot of my friends work for, and my feed is spammed with their crap and there seems to be nothing I can do short of removing everyone from LinkedIn who works for them.

Most listened to music in the past week:

Faderhead, Null Device, The Anix, Mondträume, Starcadian, VNV Nation, Mark Mallman, Aesthetic Perfection and Combichrist.

“We’re growing like crazy and are hiring for every role in the company” -typical recruiter pitch. How is that appealing? You’re getting too big too fast and just want to fill as many seats as possible?

Tim Skold playing guitar for Psyclon Nine is like if Neil Peart played drums for Billie Eilish. I don't know how real musicians get associated with trash.

Been kind of browsing some job posting sites today casually and nothing appeals to me. There's nothing I really want to do. All companies suck.

My goal is to not look at Slack all day. I know eventually somebody will come over and ask me if I saw something, but I just hate it so much. It’s the source of much of my frustration at work.

Anybody have any examples of any (non-Apple) apps? I’m curious what the results are.

Saw Joker last night and it was great. I expected it to be good, but it was better than I expected. Just the right amount of fan service to tie you into the Batman universe, too. I expected none. I enjoy “open to interpretation” type movies, and this is absolutely that. Give Joaquin Phoenix all the awards.

I’ve never met a designer that hasn’t made me want to quit building software forever.

Oh, it seems to be fine now. Was probably actually a problem with the server, not the client. Alright, back to business as usual.

Looks like I can post, but not read. So this is what most internet users are like.

Hmmmm I think Mastochist no longer works with macOS Catalina. It launches but doesn’t pull new items into the timeline. I wonder if this will post. I don’t know what I’m going to use for Mastodon at work now :(

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