Still on the lookout for a native macOS Mastodon client. I think if use have a client, and not a web page, I'll use it more often (and won't forget about it). If anybody has any suggestions, let me know!

@ryanvis @ryan659 I should give Whalebird a shot. It's not completely native, but it seems to be as close as I can find. Thanks!

@ryanvis @gabek I've been trying Whalebird, it's alright... Easy to accidentally lose a Toot you haven't sent yet by clicking outside the "composer" on accident. Just a bit clunky feeling overall.

@gabek There's this:

Kinda prefer a browser tab personally, but to each their own.

@gabek I'm using Whalebird, though still need to resort to the site occasionally, as it often doesn't support getting at a notification's account to follow them.

@gabek TheDesk ( is also rather good once you orient yourself in it. It's a bit heavier, and less pokished than Whalebird, but uses a column view somewhat akin to the web interface.

@mareklach Sadly that’s not a native macOS app, just a web app inside Electron :(

@mareklach I had actually given up and built my own. I hope to have a beta available soon!

@gabek Yaay! Having something like what is for Matrix would definitely shine a bright light on the dire situation of desktop clients for Mastodon.

All the power to you.

There's actually a new app being built right now called @sengi_app that also looks nice, but it's in javascript too.

Yeah, it's also Javascript (Electron + Angular2+) but I'm trying to get the best of it. 🙂

Having to choose between pure native and easily portable app is always a heartache...

Good luck for you app @gabek, I hope you'll show us your baby very soon!

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