2018 & life 

Tbh 2018 is really tough for me.

- lost my dad in April
- mom is still on hemo dialysis and no improvement or so
- almost lost my job bcz of family issues
- gained lots of weight - probably chances of diabetics is higher than 2017
- spend lots of my time and energy to move dad assets legally to mom

2018 & life 

On the other side some really good things

- my bro got a daughter March
- I became father in June ( wish my dad was there to see my son)
- saved my job by taking right decision
- self realisation on health side
- kicked off my badminton towards end of the year
- learnt react native


@rizwan Are you sure that React Native thing wasn’t on the “2018 is really rough for me” list? :)

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@gabek haha yes.

There were some ups and downs but overall it's okay. I'm comparing with all those so called hybrid frameworks which I worked before. Phone gap, ionic, kony with Lua, IBM work light a.k.a IBM mobile first platform and xamarin.

Now I'm looking into flutter 😂

The one main advantage for me is some what strong native knowledge. It really helped to achieve the things for our apps.

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