My phone is mostly a JSON downloading and parsing appliance. My downloads are already fast enough. I know lots of people use their phone for watching TV and stuff, but I just don’t care about 5G.

@gabek The mobile part is just an excuse, their real goal is to push the gigabit speed mmWave so that they can use it to become a WISP capable of crushing traditional ISPs.

Even if you keep paying for fiber, none of your normie neighbors will if 5G can also give them 100 Mbit at a lower monthly price than regular fiber and with a tenth of the installation costs, if not free under a 12 month or longer subscription.
@gabek THAT is what worries me about 5G. Mobile broadband replacing "real" internet. And thus instead of physical scalable cables underground where you can at least hope to use your own equipment as long as your ISP isn't an ass.

If that gets replaced with entire neighborhoods tied to a single-point-of-failure tower powered by mobile technology where it's probably going to be near impossible to use your own equipment, and if you can there won't be many actual hardware options due to the ridiculous amount of patents and capital required to produce mobile modems. Kind of how regardless of who makes your phone today, the LTE modems themselves only have a select few manufacturers, and making an "open" LTE modem that doesn't run it's own black box mini computer will be near impossible.
@quad @gabek mmWave isn't even useful for WISPs, though

it's hugely disrupted my so much as a light drizzle, pretty much requires line of sight, and has an incredibly short range
@shadowfacts @gabek Yeah that's the whole point. Find the nearest hill or tall building, stick 5G equipment to it. Then when the customer orders internet, install a directional antenna at their house and a 5G router. During bad weather conditions or other issues, fall back to regular 5G because your average Netflix streamer probably won't even notice.

As long as they can sell their internet under the pretense of "up to 500 mbit" or something and it streams netflix stable, regular users will swallow it up. Especially since they definitely have the profit margins to undercut traditional ISPs on monthly price and even install the antenna for free if you put yourself under something like a 12 month or 24 month plan.
@shadowfacts @gabek It's just like satellite internet. They sell their stuff under pretenses like "up to x megabits". But if you're unlucky with the weather or anything it's just about useless, and the latency is so bad it can even be noticed during regular use.

5G is the same thing, except when falling back to or being stuck with only regular 5G it's likely not bad enough for the average person to really notice anything. That's like a death sentence to traditional ISPs, especially the more rural an area is and the higher the installation cost to customer ratio gets
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