I hate Interface Builder so much. I don’t know how anybody can use this.

@gabek lol are you saying it has a shitty interface?

@seles It’s just unusable for actually building software :(

@gabek ah, well, idk about the particulars, I was just trying to make a joke... but in general, I hate labyrinthine GUIs

@gabek I guess I had a real point... I mean, why does everything have to be about interfaces and not languages? It centralizes power. The interface-builders always overestimate their ability to predict the needs of humans, while the language-builders focus on maximizing freedom of expression. Can you imagine how the web would look if it was built around languages?

@seles I completely agree! I find that interfaces are over relied on and overrated in general. Especially when they’re forced on people.

@gabek Can you imagine if Twitter or Facebook had a shell/command line? If the average person knew how to use it (which is a Big If), it would probably destroy their business model.

@seles That’s exactly why they killed their APIs over the years. Too many alternative interfaces and it was hurting their ad business.

@gabek Right, maybe it comes down to advertising. It's got to be easier to insert advertising into interfaces than languages, right?

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