Last night while installing Linux on my laptop something occurred to me:

I’m always complaining about the death of native desktop apps and that the web is taking over. But what I haven’t really thought about is how Linux is just the opposite. Every major Linux distro is building its own native applications for the desktop, and they’re working harder than ever to build and polish them.

Why do you think that is that Linux, of all things, takes native applications more seriously than others?

@gabek They tend to be widely interoperable. Like you can run Qt stuff in a GTK based DE and vice versa, and the worst thing that might happen is that something is a little ugly.

@pizza_pal That explains why Linux apps exist, but it doesn’t explain why Linux developers are more likely to build native desktop apps than macOS and Windows developers are. I’d argue Linux distros are less interoperable than the Mac platform, for example. Maybe it’s just the audience, and that Linux people actually care about real applications and want more than a web site.

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