Curious what is up to? I wrote up a little status of what the self-hosted live streaming + chat server has been working on, and what we could use some help with. Anything in there catch your eye that you'd like to be a part of? There's a lot of things going on, and we'd love to have you. Boost/share with your streaming and developer friends!


That is a cool project!

I will definitely try it out :)

@simon Awesome, thanks, Simon! Let me know how it goes!

@gabek Is there a CDN functionality implemented or planned to distribute the load?

@simon Indeed! Using an S3-compatible storage provider is good first step to remove the load from your own machine, and if you want to use a CDN on top of that you can set the `ServingEndpoint` in the S3 configuration so we refer to video using your CDN's hostname.

Does this work for the livestream itself as well? Or only for permanent storage afterwards?

@simon Only for the live stream itself. Currently there's no permanent recordings of a stream available afterward. But we're working towards that!


Okay, that is more than enough for our use case and gives us an easy scalable solution. We can record and save the stream with obs itself.

Thank you :)

@gabek ok I'm interested but I'm need about 7 of them to be made.

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