I built a home server this weekend. It felt good. @mattdsteele suggested a Mini-ITX form factor and I had no idea how small it actually would end up being. Small, quiet, and cool. I'm really impressed how nice it came out.

@hamjb @mattdsteele My goal wasn't to be eco friendly, it was to have something that fit without being noisy and running hot in a tiny apartment.

@gabek @mattdsteele
I see.
You can't choose provider for electricity for your apartment?

@gabek @mattdsteele
Oh. So you pay together apartment or there is only one electricity company the place you live.

@gabek @mattdsteele
That's bad situation.
So only way for you not to be environment killer is to switch of whatever possible most time.

@geekgonecrazy @mattdsteele Intel i5, 32G of RAM, GTX 1660 Ti, 1TB M.2. I kept imagining all the machines I built years ago that would need like 5 fans all running at full speed, sounding like an airplane, just to keep the thing cool enough from shutting down. And that's without an external GPU. Things are certainly more efficient these days.

@gabek @geekgonecrazy what enclosure did you go with? I really like my ncase M1 but it’s probably too big if you don’t need any 2.5” bays

@mattdsteele @geekgonecrazy The Silverstone SG13. Not much room in there. I think you could mount a single drive internally, but no external drive bays. Makes for a compact little box!

@gabek @mattdsteele wow nice. Not typical to have a GTX card in home server. Any fun plans for it?

@geekgonecrazy @mattdsteele Indeed! It's for developing and testing hardware accelerated encoding and scaling up Owncast transcoding :). It was more cost effective to build a computer than to pay for a VPS that had access to a host that supported NVENC. When talking about increasing the number of concurrent transcoding operations on a machine this opens up a lot of options. Though to translate that to a hosting scenario, you're more versed in that than I am!

@gabek @mattdsteele transcoding in general I’m still pretty new. Scaling transcoding and using you accelerated for scale I’m for sure a noob. 😁

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