So it seems like some CoWorking places are open in SF. Given how difficult I’ve found working from home, maybe it’s an option. But I know it’s irresponsible to be around others, and it’s putting myself at significant risk to go into an office right now. I could be putting my life at risk in order to be more productive at work if I did it.

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@gabek especially since right now it’s only getting exponentially worse ):

@gabek I am of the opinion that not being around others is actually detrimental to society and the welfare of our generations. I personally have been around people who had it and personally know people who had it. Yes, it was miserable for a day or two but mostly because of lack of energy. I'm 99.9% sure I was asymptomatic and so it has given me comfort knowing I am okay. It will become like the "common cold", it's not going away.

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