The police wouldn't let the ambulance leave to the hospital, I guess because the injured man wasn't telling them what they wanted to hear. I really fear that he was trying to protect himself by not talking to the police. And maybe I should have done the same. Did I ruin this guy's life by opening the gate to my building? Should I not have called for help? Police aren't your friend, so I fear the worst for this guy. I hope he's ok.

@gabek he definitely should have been paying attention. No matter if street or sidewalk. But especially sidewalk. Obstacles don’t have a fixed direction of motion like the street.

But I think any decent person would have called for help.

It’s sad that it’s even a question that the police have a persons best interest in mind. 😑

@geekgonecrazy Yeah, I can't imagine doing anything different. But he was hurt, so it sucks that they're looking at it from any angle other than just to get him help.

@gabek I think calling 911 was the right thing here, since he was so badly injured. He needed an ambulance, but police were really unnecessary and even actively harmful in this situation; you can’t help that they showed up, too. Defund the police. :/

@gabek that sucks. I constantly worry about getting doored from parked cars. Didn’t even consider buildings.

Another point: a car hit me last year, and even though I was fine I still called 911 to report the incident so city traffic engineers have the data point about a dangerous intersection. I guess I’m privileged enough to make that call safely, though

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