We just released v0.0.3 of Owncast, the self-hosted, open source live video and chat server.

It includes a lot of nice updates, the biggest is a web dashboard where you can get an overview of your stream, viewers, server configuration, and performance.

It's easier than ever to get a live stream that you control with this release! Give a shot if you're curious, you can seriously have it running in about a minute. Check it out at

@gabek Is multi-user (= multi-stream) being considered or is the plan to keep it simple with a single stream? I couldn't find an explicit discussion of this so I thought I'd ask.

@remram44 It's not being planned. The current focus is more on letting individuals run a live stream.

@gabek That makes sense, and definitely fills a need!

I guess my question is more: are you opposed to having it ever or is it just not a priority?

Thanks for all your work!

@remram44 I do feel like other projects that focus on being multi-user consumer service providers are a better fit for that kind of thing. A lot of the charm of Owncast is how easy it is to run. You don't need any accounts, and I like seeing people being able to run Owncast on small, cheap servers. But if you grew the amount of users and work it had to handle then it wouldn't be possible. But you never know!

@gabek As far as I can tell it's all Go, right? No custom compiled nginx with nginx-rtmp-module? It would be cool if you could follow the streamer from ActivityPub to know when the stream goes live

@Gargron Yeah, that's correct. It's a pre-compiled Go binary you can download and run without requiring other infrastructure. Though most people are putting some SSL proxy of their choice in front.

Following and notifying when live via ActivityPub could be a cool idea! We've been playing with the idea of plugins for notifying when a stream goes live, and this could be a good example of that.


Hmm, you know, ActivityPub as a stream of notifications is giving me a bunch of neat ideas, actually...


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