We've released v0.0.7! Another exciting release as this adds the ability to hide chat, CSS styling overrides, customized welcome message, a bunch of bug fixes and the big one: hardware accelerated encoding for those with access to graphics hardware.

@gabek I am a bit handicapped right now but i try to get the FreeBSD port updated soon.

@gabek Hey! Is this intentional or am I doing something wrong? Seems to only have "other"

@atrilahiji Well that doesn't look right. I guess the first place I'd look is to make sure something isn't blocking the API call that fetches that list, maybe take a look at your browser console to see what it has to say. That's pretty odd!

@gabek Thanks! I jumped the gun and didn't realize it could have just been a caching issue. Got it updated and got EleutheriaPay working with donation messages :D

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