I'm exploring the idea of a 24/7 stream featuring music videos, concerts or home performances from independent musicians. People could upload their videos and get added to rotation.

If you're interested in this kind of thing and want to take part in any way, please let me know! Idea is still young, but music lovers who would want to maybe moderate uploads, or help reach out to communities to gain access to some content would be cool.

Plus, if you have music content yourself, let me know!

@gabek id love to toss some of my own performances in there! Why not? Help support a cool as fuck initiative!

@eclectic Awesome! If you have a link where I can download stuff directly, that'd be great. Otherwise I can reach out when there's a way to be able to upload yourself.

@gabek My breathing cards are available if you need content: I can generate longer variations too

@paul Cool! If there's a way to download them directly let me know, otherwise I'll snatch them with youtube-dl.

@gabek please youtube-dl away if you can. I don't host these anywhere but vimeo. though I really should figure out something. I'd enable the "download" button on vimeo directly, but I'm not paying for the service.

If youtube-dl works, you should feel free to use this work too:

I also have direct-download videos you can find here (clicking through the links is part of the experience):

@gabek i'm gonna stay home from school and watch it all day in case they play a rage against the machine video

@gabek I'd be down to mix together a custom set for this (with visuals)!

Here's a sampling of the ambient/warm drone tunes I make

I'm also going to ping @SuricrasiaOnline about this, it's a pioneer in weirdcore curation

@gabek sounds like kinda nonstop sequentialized jam session. I'd have expected something like this already exists, as the idea seems so straightforward, from inventing "timeline" to go on to a realtime timeline. Anyway, nice. (I'm unqualified to contribute content 😑)

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